Great Anniversary Gift Ideas For One Month or One Year Celebration

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In the romantic season of spring, many new relationships begin to bloom. As the first landmark in a relationship, the one month anniversary is incredibly special, and the one month anniversary gift is very important. Whether it be for her or for him, we have compiled below an absolute list of one month anniversary gifts for your significant other. 

Anniversary Picture Frame

Anniversary picture frames are a great gift for your one month anniversary. They are a thoughtful way to show your partner how much you care, and they also provide a beautiful way to display a cherished memories. Anniversary picture frames come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect frame to suit your home decor. Plus, they make a great conversation starter when guests come over. Anniversary picture frames are available at most home goods stores, and they are an affordable way to show your partner how much you care.

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Photo Albums
Photo albums are a great gift because they show you’ve put a lot of thought into thinking about what photos to include. They can be cherished memories throughout the years, or photos that really mean something to the recipient. Perhaps you want to fill the photo albums full of baby pictures or memories of your travels together. There are so many ways to customize a photo album, you just need to think about what kinds of photos you want to include. If you’re gifting multiple photo albums, maybe each album can showcase pictures from different parts of the year, like Winter, Summer, etc. Or, each album can be dedicated to a specific vacation. Being able to pull down a photo album and physically flick through the pages is pretty special and will make for a mindful gifting solution.

Teddy Bear

First and foremost, let’s begin with the classic- the teddy bear. Invented simultaneously by American toy manufacturer Morris Michtom and German toymaker Richard Steiff in 1902, the teddy bear got its name from the 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. Soon after, it became an international sensation and one of the most commonly used symbols of love. You can always find a shadow of the teddy bear in all romantic holidays or events, whether it be Valentine’s Day, a significant other’s birthday, or the one month anniversary of your relationship.

There is a wide variety of teddy bears available on the market, ranging from mere inches wide to 6 feet tall. Some teddy bears are white, some are brown, and many are pink or red. Some teddy bears have the silkiest fur, while others boast of wool-like warmth. 

One affordable and beautiful teddy is the Aurora Ashford Bear on Amazon, selling for 14.96 usd. This teddy is 7 x 7 x 8 inches and has a beautiful, rich cream color with a darker tan ribbon. 

A more romantic option is the Lil’ Cutie Valentine Bear from Golden Gait Mercantile. The bear’s snow-white fur provides a stark and captivating contrast against the bright red hearts plastered around it. This teddy is a bit bigger than the Aurora Ashford Bear, measuring at 18 inches tall. With its adorable eyes, this teddy just seems to say, “I love you” without uttering a word, making it a perfect gift for you and your lover’s one month anniversary. 

Next is the giant teddy that will no doubt capture the attention of all that lay eyes upon it. The 6 Foot Life Size Teddy towers over most and serves as a wonderful pillow or cushion. This teddy comes in three different colors- pink, gray, and brown. 

Finally, what gift is better than the highly customizable Build a Bear Workshop teddy bear? You can dress your teddy up in the clothes your significant other likes, you can pair accessories that you know your lover likes, and more. Ultimately, you are able to create the unique bear that best suits your significant other, making this teddy the best one month anniversary gift of all. 

Last but not least, as homage to Theodore Roosevelt and manufacturers Morris Michtom and Richard Steiff, you could gift your significant other the Steiff Classic 1909 Teddy Bear. Although a bit pricey at 275 usd, all 14 inches of the bear is worth it, especially if your significant other is an avid history enthusiast. 


If the teddy bear is a symbol of love, then chocolates are a bold proclamation. Surprise your significant other with a tasty treat on your one month anniversary. Whether they love milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate, or other flavors, they are bound to love this present and feel appreciated on the special day. 

Possessing a smooth circular outside with a liquid interior, the LIndt chocolate is packaged with a crinkly, shimmering wrapper. Each 6 oz bag contains 14 such chocolate balls. Lindt chocolate currently offers the following flavors: milk, dark, white, caramel, sea salt, extra dark, straciatella, dark caramel sea salt, hazelnut, citrus, coconut, and fudge swirl for you and your significant other to choose amongst. One special flavor is the Lindor Valentine Lindor Strawberries and Cream flavor, commonly chosen for couples. Picturing strawberries and pink chocolate, the bag is a beautiful shade of pink, as is the wrapper, making it a sight for sore eyes. Fancy yet affordable at 20 usd, this brand is a popular and romantic choice. 

Speaking of romance, what one month anniversary gift is complete without a box of chocolates shaped as a heart? The Godiva Chocolatier Valentine’s Day Fabric Heart 14-Piece Chocolate Gift Box is a gorgeous, gorgeous box of assorted chocolates wrapped with rich red fabric and a flower ribbon pinned with the word love. Bound to win your significant other’s heart, this box of chocolates sells at 55 usd with overnight shipping. 

If you can have a heart shaped box of chocolates, why not also get a chocolate shaped rose? Anderson’s Foil-wrapped Chocolate Rose and Vase has a chocolate rose beautifully wrapped in a vibrant wrapper tied with a ribbon to a lovely clear vase filled with delightful small pebbles of varying colors. Selling for 10 usd, this highly customizable chocolate rose has 24 different colors for wrappers and 15 colors for the ribbon, totaling to 360 different combinations of colors for you to choose from. 

But if you can have a singular rose, why not also get a bouquet of roses? Choco Gala’s Bonny Bouquet has 12 beautiful Belgian chocolate roses, each a different color, arranged in either a navy blue or pink box. Flavors include milk, white, caramel, berry, white chocolate with organic strawberry, white chocolate with organic blueberry, and dark. You can also include a personalized message to your significant other. Selling for 48 usd, this gift is perfect for your one month anniversary.

While chocolates are certainly romantic, too much chocolate can become tiring. The solution? Chocolate covered strawberries. The fruit’s freshness combined with the sweetness of the chocolate becomes a perfect revitalizing snack after lunch. Rather than ordering online, I prefer to cut up hand picked strawberries from a nearby strawberry farm and dip them in melted chocolate. 

Anniversary Wine

No anniversary is ever complete without a glass of wine over dinner. Imagine…rose petals, flickering candlelight, medium rare steak, and a tart sip of wine. Appearing first in ancient Georgia of the South Caucases around 6,000 BC, wine is a beverage common amongst nearly all cultures around the world. From Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon to Pinot Grigio to Prosecco to Merlot, there are many, many different types of wine. However, all wine can be roughly classified into four different groups: white wine, red wine, rosé wine, and sparkling wine. 

White wine is commonly a light shade of yellow or gold and is fermented without skin contact. White wines typically have a more floral and citrus taste than other wines and have a higher level of acidity. White wines have many health benefits including but not limited to lowering cholesterol, improving immune systems, boosting brain function, and improving cardiovascular and metabolic function. Well known white wines include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Chenin Blanc, Moscato, Albarino, Viognier, Semillon, and Gewurtzraminer. If your significant other is a fan of white wines and sweets, check out the Cupcake 2-Pack & Moscato Gift set from Hickory Farms for 59 usd. Including one 5.5 oz Red Velvet Cupcake Jar, one 5.71 oz Chocolate Ganache Cupcake Jar, and one bottle of Ilo Moscato California Sparkling Wine, this set is a perfect one month anniversary gift. 

Red wine, the classic, is a favorite among couples and is produced by darker varieties of grapes compared to white wine and has more contact with the pigmented grape skins. Red wines tend to taste like blackberry, licorice, raspberry, and cocoa. Most red wines are sour, but there are some incredibly sweet red wines. Popular red wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, and more. Red is the color of romance, and red wines are thus a fitting gift for an anniversary. Mano’s Our Love Story Custom Etched Wine is a California Cabernet Sauvignon with a 13.5% ABV. Selling at 54 usd, this bottle is a wonderful one month anniversary gift for it allows you to add a custom date printed on the bottle. 

Rosé wine is a wine in between the white wine and the red wine. While rosé wines also ferment with contact with grape skins, the contact is very brief. Rose wines are able to reduce cholesterol, lower risk of cancer, control fluid balance, and reduce risk of heart disease. Some rosé wines include Pinot Noir Rosé, Syrah Rosé, Tempranillo Rosé, Provence Rosé, Tavel Rosé, Sangiovese Rosé, Grenache Rosé, Zinfandel Rosé, and more. Taking a pretty pink color, rosé wines are also a popular choice for one month anniversary gifts. The Geoffrey Zakarian 3 Bottle Valentine’s Collection is said to be “love at first sip” and includes the 2019 Redland Ranch Reserve Zinfandel, the 2020 Sol de Mayo Malbec, the 2020 Primasera Pinot Grigio, and the George Phillips Cellars Signature Reserve Sparkling Brut Rose. Selling for 54 usd, this collection is a beautiful choice. 

Sparkling wine is named for the fizz created by the carbon dioxide within the wine. These wines are made from red and white grapes and also have many health benefits. For example, sparkling wine improves gut health, helps prevent cancer, improves your memory and attention span, reduces cholesterol, and prevents blood clots. The best known sparkling wine is champagne. Some other types include Prosecco, Cava, Crémant, Sekt, Brut, Dry, and Demi-Sec. Sparkling wines can add a bubbly, magical taste to your one month anniversary. The Freixenet Italian Rosé Sparkling Wine from Fairgrounds Discount Beverages has a beautiful metallic light pink outside and contains both Glera and Pinot Noir grapes from Italy. Tasting like red berries, white flowers, and apples, this bottle sells at 15 usd. 


Last but not least, the ultimate one month anniversary gift for your significant other is a nice fresh bouquet of flowers. From roses to dandelions to hand picked wildflowers, there is bound to be a flower that your significant other will love. 

Starting off, we have the rose. As Cupid’s flower, the red rose means love. A bouquet of roses is sure to make your significant other’s day. The company justFreshRoses will deliver bouquets of 12 farm fresh roses to your (or your significant other’s) house for just 43 usd. While a white rose is not as vividly eye-catching as the red rose, it has the beautiful meaning of purity and loyalty and also makes a wonderful anniversary gift for your trusted lover. 

The aster symbolizes love and daintiness and has a lovely dark lavender color. Similar to daisies, they bloom after most flowers in autumn and mean ‘star’ in Latin. Bouquets of asters can be bought online at Blooms By the Box and bring a taste of grassy wilderness into your house. 

The camellia is a symbol of adoration. The pink camellia means ‘longing for you,’ the red camellia means ‘you’re a flame in my heart,’ and the pink camellia means ‘you’re adorable.’ Very similar in appearance to the rose, camellias are wider and flatter than the rose. Bouquets of the camellia can be bought online at Amazon. The Lily Garden 10.5’’ Silk Camellia Bouquet with Ribbon Wedding Decor Flowers is one such bouquet. Selling for 12 usd, this bouquet includes both white and pink camellias with 7 flowers and 3 buds. 

The marjoram is a herb meaning ‘joy and happiness’ and contains many well wishes for your relationship with your partner. Different from the rose, the aster, and the camellia, the marjoram is not a flower and will be the perfect gift for a significant other who likes greenery more than pink or red. The marjoram can also be used as a medicinal herb against colds, coughs, and infections. Marjorams can be bought at The Grower’s Exchange for 8 usd. Different from most bouquets of flowers, marjorams are more easily planted and grown, allowing them to be a more permanent companion for your significant other.

Something Special

Now that we’ve talked all about bouquets of chocolates and bouquets of flowers, let’s discuss the CANDY WRAPPER BOUQUET! Made from the wrappers of a candy coming in a rainbow of colors, this bouquet is completely stunning and a wonderful choice if you can’t decide what to get your lover for your one month anniversary.


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