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Negotiating with the IRS

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The main focus of my practice is taxpayer representation involving IRS tax issues and compliance.

If I was going to describe something analogous to negotiating with the IRS to alleviate penalties, interest and other issues it would be a marathon.  I've run a few of these marathons, Boston included, and if not planned out accordingly there could be some missteps that could cause an undesirable outcome.  Go out too fast and you will pay for it in the latter stages. (I've done that and it was painful.) The key is to have a steady and even pace to cross the finish line.  It's the same with IRS in negotiating to get penalties and interest abated, setting up an offer in compromise (OIC), or getting levies and fines removed.  Don't ignore the IRS, open your mail and work with a professional using a thorough step-by-step process who can help resolve your issues with the IRS so you can see a clear path to victory and sleep well at night.

If you or someone you know is having IRS issues, please feel free to contact me at (609)410-9154 or by email at bnelsoncpa@gmail.com


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