6 Must-Have Items To Own Before Bringing A Pet Cat Home

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Cats are low-maintenance pets that soon make a large place in our hearts. While there may be starting trouble in learning how to care for a new pet cat, things settle down sooner than you know. If you are bringing home a pet cat, here are six must-have items to make room for your miracle!

Cat Enclosure

Cats thrive on outdoor time. It is their instinct to climb, jump and explore their surroundings. As it is impossible to watch your cat through all her outdoor time, consider investing in a cat enclosure. This outdoor accessory is a mesh-covered enclosure that your cat can play inside without the fear of another animal attacking her or her wandering off. Choose a weather-resistant cat enclosure that offers plenty of ventilation and space for your cat. Clear off burrows or pits on land before installing a cat enclosure to eliminate the chances of any predators attacking your cat from earth-up.


Bringing home your baby cat can be quite a task as these little beings are delicate, scared and quite overwhelmed themselves. For this journey and several others to follow in the coming weeks, invest in a comfortable carrier or crate. Choose one with plenty of ventilation to keep your pet airy and healthy. It should also have easy access to go in and out. Often, new cat parents think a cardboard box will suffice. But a cardboard box offers an easy way for cats to climb out and escape, leaving you scampering for your new fur ball. What's more, a closed cardboard box doesn't allow enough air circulation, which can overwhelm a scared cat even further. Best to invest in a comfortable carrier designed for cats.

Litter Box

It takes a while to develop habits good or bad, so ensure you begin toilet training your pet cat from day one. You will have to keep a litter box handy before bringing your new cat home, so she can identify the spot for her Nature's call. There are several kinds of litter boxes in the market. Some offer a self-cleaning mechanism that makes it easier for the pet parents, rather than cleaning up after every litter. There's also another variant that gives the cat some privacy by sporting a hood that the cat can tuck herself under. Whatever you choose, ensure you offer your cat plenty of time and opportunities to get used to the litter box. Soon enough, your furry friend will know just where to go to attend to her daily needs.

Scratching Posts

Cats have an instinct that leads them to scratch surfaces. Walk into a cat parent's home and you will find scratches on the furniture, the walls, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and possible any surface worth scratching. Save yourself this permanent damage to your furniture and fixtures by installing scratching posts all over your home. Go a step further and invest in scratching posts with a catnip fragrance. It's going to ensure your cat spares the furniture and uses only the scratchboards. This activity will keep them busy for hours on end, giving you all the time to go about your daily chores!

Basic First Aid

Let's admit it – your cat can end up hurting herself no matter how vigilant you may be. A wise activity would be to stock up on a basic first aid kit for your cat. This will include everything that you would find in a human first aid box such as gauze pads for bleeding wounds, bandage tape, antiseptics such as iodine, a digital thermometer, disposable gloves, tweezers, medical eyewash and more. Keep a pillowcase handy in the first aid box to restrict carrying your cat in case of an emergency. A magnifying glass is also a commonly found device for small wounds or pokes that are tough to see with the naked eye. Just as you would carry your first aid kit on picnics and holidays, don't forget to take your cat's kit too.

Indoor Cat Bed

Cats love their morning naps, afternoon siestas, and evening shut-eye time – cats sleep a lot! Cats can sleep anywhere between 12-16 hours in a day. Make their sleep worth the while by investing in a cosy and comfortable cat bed. Invest in a bed with memory foam so your cat enjoys a deep slumber. Also, ensure the bed you buy can be easily washed so the maintenance of it doesn't tire you. Choose a bed that complements the size of your cat. Too big and your cat may feel exposed and vulnerable, too small and she may not be at utmost comfort. A well-rested cat is a happy cat. So make sure you put in due thought to the bed you choose!

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas prove to be a great start to a long-lasting relationship with your cat!


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