6 Necessities If Your Dog Is Home Alone

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As much as we love our dogs, pet parents can't be with their dogs round the clock. A great way to ease the guilt of leaving your dog alone at home is by investing in some essentials that keep him safe and healthy. Here are six necessary items or services you must consider investing in if you intend to leave your dog home alone often.

Buy A Dog Kennel

Give your dog a little nook he can call his own in the form of a dog kennel. A dog kennel is a great way to encourage outdoor time, ensuring a healthy, active and thriving dog. Invest in a kennel that is spacious enough for your dog through all his growing years and well into his adult size. A kennel must have easy human access to facilitate periodic cleaning. Many modern kennels have removable roofs that make access easy. Ensure your kennel offers plenty of cross-ventilation so your dog always has access to fresh air. If you're leaving your dog outdoors in your fenced backyard for a couple of hours, there couldn't be a better investment than a kennel. Look up kennels of different sizes, designs and builds on my dog supplies.

Bring Home A Pet Tracker

If your dog is the kind who just can't get enough of the outdoors, it is wise to invest in a pet tracker. These devices sync with your smartphone to give you a live feed of your dog's location. So if your dog is meandering off anywhere in the community, trust this device to tell you exactly to the meter where your furry friend is. New-age pet trackers also give parents a feed on their heart rate, activity levels, number of steps, meal times and other such data to ensure you're ahead of your dog's health cues. This is a great investment if your dog is a middle-aged one, requiring you to keep a close eye on its parameters.

Rely On Visual Entertainment

Don't we all rely on visual entertainment when we are home alone? Why not let your dog enjoy some screen time while you are away? It will surprise you how much your dog enjoys his little television treat! None other than Netflix has recognized that dogs need their streaming platform – lo and behold DogTV! They design shows that entertain, engage and stimulate dogs, leaving you with no guilt about relying on the television to keep your furry friend busy. Dogs would also love watching anything that has their human in it. So simply play your wedding video or snippets from your memorable moments and watch how transfixed your dog gets!

Engage A Dog Sitter

If you are away for extended periods, it makes sense to hire a dog sitter or a dog walker. A professional dog sitter comes with several benefits. Try as much as you can to ensure your dog's routine doesn't change despite changes in your routine. A great way to facilitate that is by engaging a professional to step in your place. Dog sitters are trained to take care of dogs right from physical and mental stimulation to medical aid in times of emergencies. A dog sitter also ensures your dog's diet, activity cycles, sleep cycles and overall health is on point. Being away from you for days can cause your dog tremendous stress and anxiety. A professional dog sitter is a great way to offer your furry friend some solace until you are back.

Put Hazardous Things Away

Before you leave your dog home alone, ensure you run through every room to check and put away any potentially hazardous materials. Look not only for your eye level but go down to your dog's eye level to identify anything that could be dangerous for him to touch or consume. This could include sharp objects, cleaning agents, open electronic sockets, hanging wires, accessible lighting pieces, any glassware, cosmetics – the list is endless. Cover up short-term fixes for urgent home repairs that dogs may enjoy fiddling with. Read up on potentially hazardous materials for dogs in your house and ensure you tick every box on the list and leave your dog in a safe and secure indoor environment.

Indulge In A Pet Camera/Treat Dispenser

A great way to stay connected with your dog when he is home alone is by investing in a pet camera. This camera syncs with your smartphone to give you a live feed of your pet's whereabouts. It also gives the option of two-way voice messaging so you can talk to your dog. He is sure to find extreme solace and joy in hearing your voice. Some of these pet cameras also come with in-built treat dispensers. So if you feel like pampering your dog from your remote location – fret not! This treat dispenser comes to the rescue. Besides, the sheer joy on your dog's face when a treat is hurled at him from nowhere is priceless!

Wrap Up

We hope the above services and items put you and your furry friend at ease during times of separation!



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