5 Tips for Maintaining Your Public Parking Garage

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Your business's public parking garage plays a crucial part in the life of your company's daily activities. Customers and visitors utilize this space regularly, and because this building undergoes so much wear and tear over time, it makes sense to budget for appropriate building maintenance. Furthermore, if you work now to prevent damage that could occur to the surfaces and instruments housed there, it will likely end up costing your firm much less money than if you wait for a big problem to erupt, leaving you with a hefty repair bill. Furthermore, five critical steps can help you to maintain your public parking garage so that it remains fully functional and looks beautiful for many years.

  1. Lighting

A well-lit garage will not only help to ensure that drivers can safely navigate their vehicles throughout the structure, but it will also improve the appearance of the building. Therefore, routinely check the led parking lot lights, and replace light bulbs as needed. In addition, fix wiring issues in the lighting fixtures that you find on your rounds before they have the potential to start fires in the building.

  1. Asphalt Maintenance

The asphalt used to cover the surfaces of the floors throughout your parking garage takes a beating as cars and trucks drive back and forth over the surfaces repeatedly. With repeated use by heavy vehicles such as dump trucks and other machinery, the wheels of such vehicles can take little chips out of the top of the surface. Over time, those minor imperfections can lead to large cracks and holes, which can become costly to repair. Regular inspection of the driving surfaces can help you catch those problems early before they become significant issues. Moreover, you can sweep the asphalt and keep it clean, which can help prevent surface issues from developing.

  1. Painted Features

All painted surfaces will succumb to wear when exposed to excessive use and harsh weather conditions. Chipped and worn paint can mar the appearance of your painted walls and other painted surfaces, such as lane striping, throughout your parking garage. However, when you see them beginning to show, you can do minor paint touch-ups to keep your building's paint job in excellent condition and appearance.

  1. Landscaping

The landscaping around your garage will require routine maintenance to keep it looking its best and the plants at peak health. Trees will need to have the limbs trimmed so that they stay well away from building walls, where they can damage the roof and siding, and well off the sidewalk areas so pedestrians can move safely around them. Herbaceous perennial plants need fertilizer, water, and regular trimming to keep them blooming for the most extended periods possible and keep their sizes in check, so they do not overflow into pedestrian walkways.

  1. Traffic Flow

When you need a public parking garage to keep your traffic organized and flowing as you desire, clearing any debris that might have accumulated on the asphalt surface will need to become a chore for your maintenance teams. These teams can ensure that tree limbs or construction materials that easily fall off work trucks get lifted off the floor and taken away for proper disposal. Keeping the driving lanes clear of items that can obstruct vehicle traffic becomes a vital activity to ensure that vehicles can safely access and traverse the parking garage levels.

All residential and commercial buildings need to be kept in top shape at all times, not only for safety reasons but to maintain a professional appearance. Many business owners use maintenance teams, either in-house or explicitly hired for the job, to ensure that all significant structural areas of the parking garage come under their trained scrutiny to check for the beginning signs of wear. Many have lengthy lists of areas that need a hands-on inspection at regular intervals. These areas can include the lighting system, walls, floors, driving lanes with asphalt surfaces and the landscape elements, but may not be limited to these as the need arises. Although this specialized care seems like a lot of work, it pays off in the end by preventing costly major repairs from gaining a hold in a heavily used area of your company.

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