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Fourplex for Sale in Long Beach, CA


One of the most common types of multifamily dwellings is the fourplex, which consists of four separate apartments under the same roof. Like most fourplex designs, a Long Beach fourplex can generate as much rental income as four individual rental units while saving the owner money on taxes and allowing them to lower their monthly mortgage payment. Your tax deductions could be significantly increased due to purchasing a fourplex home. Tax deductions include depreciation of assets, property tax write-offs, and repairs for necessary maintenance or renovations. All these benefits are in addition to the tax reductions you already receive on your home's property taxes. Don't hesitate to contact our team if you'd like to learn more about one of the many Long Beach multifamily properties in the city.

Large common areas in most Long Beach fourplexes ensure that everyone has a cozy place to call home, even if more than one family occupies the building at a time. A garage, private patios, laundry rooms, large living rooms, and dining areas can all be built into a house with a lot of space, and an addition can be added for an extra bedroom or a playroom. Having a lot of room to move around is another benefit of large areas. Investing in a fourplex residential property is an excellent option if you want to increase your cash flow and generate additional passive income. It is possible to collect substantial monthly payments from up to four tenants simultaneously as long as the building is located in an area with high rental demand. Fourplexes are more cost-effective than other forms of multifamily housing because all management and maintenance are done in one location. Long Beach fourplexes that have been meticulously designed stand out for their outstanding features, which have been preserved while maintaining their architectural integrity and the owners' pride in their homes, which reflect the style in which these homes were built. They have kept the artistic integrity of their Long Beach fourplexes by using the same materials, colors, and patterns used at the time they were built.



Prices for the Long Beach fourplexes currently on the market start at $1.7 million and rise to $2.5 million in the most expensive units. Five to fourteen bedrooms and four to five bathrooms are typical in Long Beach's fourplexes. There are a lot of fourplex homes in Long Beach, California, built in the style of Spanish architectural design. Most of the area's fourplexes were built between the 1920s and 1960s. Lots ranging from 0.07 acres to 0.25 acres in size are commonly used to build Long Beach multi-family homes for sale.

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Long Beach, CA Market Report:

Households: 166,236
Median Listing Home Price: $769,000
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $611
Median Rent: $1,391
Average Days on Market: 45
Home Ownership Percentage: 40.2%


Long Beach, CA Community Report:

Population: 452,917
Average Household Income: $86,806
Median Age: 34.9
Associate's Degree or Higher: 27%
Cost of Living Score: 160.1


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