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Neighborhood Information

Visitors have access to at least 12 miles of splendid South Carolina shoreline and a pristine sandy path that leads through the dunes and out to the scenic, blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Hilton Head Beaches are widely perceived as some of the greatest beaches in Southern Carolina. People are drawn to Hilton Head Island for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest draws is the beautiful beaches that are located there. Most of the beaches in the region include public parking lots open to the public and wooden boardwalks. This refuge in the shape of a boot has a beach that is perfect for families, with opportunities for sunbathing, romantic strolls along the coastline, thrilling wildlife watching, and breathtaking bike rides along the coast.

The beaches of Hilton Head are famed for their extensive length and unequaled shoreline and the fantastic water sports that guests can partake in a while their time at the beach. Spending almost every day at the beach on Hilton Head Island is possible. Some of the warmest seas along the Eastern Seaboard. Guests can set sail, embark on a cruise to see dolphins, or begin their journey by paddling out in a kayak or paddleboard. Sailing, surfing, and waterskiing are all more exhilarating sports available to you. If you are looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Hilton Head Beaches is the ideal destination for you to visit. Here, you can unwind and rest in the peaceful setting of nature. Visit our featured page to find out more information about the beaches of Hilton Head, or get in touch with us as soon as possible to get started.

Real Estate Information

Lovely single-family homes and exquisite townhouses with unbeatable ocean views and shorelines are available in the Hilton Head Beaches area. The beaches of Hilton Head do not have any apartment buildings or other types of multi-family homes currently. The market price for the most spectacular residences in Hilton Head Beaches begins at $1.05 million up to almost $7.2 million. The portfolio of Hilton Head Beaches beaches includes some truly exceptional properties that can be purchased for very competitive prices. These prices can range anywhere from $300,000 to $900,000, depending on the features and general quality of the home. Most homes in Hilton Head Beaches feature anywhere from three to eight bedrooms laid out in various arrangements.

Additionally, at least two to eight bathrooms may be found in the majority of the residences in this region. The internal living area offered by a typical residential housing in Hilton Head Beaches can vary anywhere from 500 sqft up to 6,000 sqft. The majority of homes in Hilton Head Beaches are built on lots with a size that ranges from 0.20 acres to 0.34 acres. The vast majority of the luxury residences on Hilton Head Island's beaches come complete with their own indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Structures of two stories, three stories, or split levels are frequently used while developing residential real estate along the Hilton Head Beaches.

Neighborhood Location

Hilton Head Island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in South Carolina. It is situated within roughly a 45-minute trip northeast of Savannah, Georgia, and about an hour's drive southwest of Charleston, South Carolina. Coligny Beach is a well-known and highly appreciated beach in the Hilton Head area. It is situated roughly 7.2 miles south of Hilton Head Island and is accessible via Cross Island Parkway in approximately 12 minutes. Driessen Beach is another well-known beach in the region. It is located about 4.8 miles southeast of Hilton Head Island and can be reached by car in nine minutes through the William Hilton Parkway. 

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Hilton Head Island, SC Market Report:

Households: 17,910
Median Listing Home Price: $669,000
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $414
Median Rent: $1,330
Average Days on Market: 49
Home Ownership Percentage: 80%


Hilton Head Island, SC Community Report:

Population: 39,930
Average Household Income: $86,171
Median Age: 58
Associate's Degree or Higher: 37%
Cost of Living Score: 122.1


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