Make Your Small Kitchen Look Larger with These Design Tricks

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Good things come in small packages, maybe not always.

Have you tried working in a small kitchen? When you are preparing your food, the place is cramped due to limited space. And if your cooking space seems to be more crowded than convenient, it’s time to bring in a white kitchen cabinet.

The color white is a small kitchen’s best friend. When you install white cabinetry, paint the wall, or purchase a white countertop, you design a seamless space without boundaries. In order to make it more interesting, homeowners often combine and contrast textures and opt for various shades of white.

Interior designers say that light, color, and the kitchen content determine the overall mood of the space. The best way to make room in a small kitchen is by installing lighting or white kitchen cabinets. Dark cabinets or wall makes the room seem overcrowded. On the other hand, light hues offer a brighter and airy feel. Like most homeowners, you can also create a sense of openness in your kitchen with different shades of white.

For you, we have listed down six simple (tried and tested) and amazing ways to make a small kitchen look bigger.


  1. What Paint Color to Choose?

Be clever with color when you want to make a small kitchen seem bigger than it actually is. Choose neutral shades to naturally reflect light, which will increase the sense of spaciousness. Opting for white and pale colors on every kitchen part, like the white kitchen cabinet, countertop, and walls creates a cohesive look.

Going for different hues of white is also a great option to eliminate the too clinical or cold appearance. Colors such as ivory white, contemporary white, dove white, gray, yellow, and green are all great color choices to make a tiny kitchen look bigger.

  1. Kitchen Cabinet to Go For

Dark cabinets in your kitchen absorb light and make the room appear small and sometimes claustrophobic. It's in your hands to make your kitchen open and airy, and doing it is quite simple. And this is the primary advantage of installing a white kitchen cabinet.

Invest in a highly-durable white cabinet because placing one can completely transform the entire room. White seems to expand the square footage even though you are working in the same, limited area.

In addition to that, you can also go for:

  • Glass panel cabinet
  • Tall cabinets
  • Slim cabinets
  • Task cabinets
  • Or paint your current cabinet


  1. Adding a Stunning Backsplash

A backsplash protects the kitchen walls from splattering or exposure to heat while preparing food. Understandably, cooking is a heavy-duty affair involving grease, heat, and splatter. Thanks to backsplashes, helping in maintaining the kitchen.

When it comes to choosing one for a small kitchen, you can go for:

  • Ceramic or porcelain tiles
  • Natural stone
  • Metallic tiles

The texture, warmth, and light-colored backsplash make a visual illusion of space.


  1. Declutter Your Kitchen

When you have less to store, your kitchen will be more organized. Remove the items that are not in use anymore. Whether it's in your kitchen cabinet, countertop, or kitchen shelves, unnecessary things lying around the kitchen are only eating your space.

Install a white kitchen cabinet to help maximize the storage space available, allowing you to hide away utensils, ingredients, and other kitchen essentials. Always keep your kitchen countertop clean.


  1. Include a Pendant Light

Lighting a small space requires some effort. Whichever type you go for your room should seem safe and practical for food preparation and dining.

Tight spaces can visually expand so you can spend more and more time there. Small kitchen lighting needs to look good and make an impact on the decor.

Kitchen lighting requires to be the best than any other lighting in the house because the space is full of hustle and bustle. While natural light can be enjoyed during the day, there should be overall good lighting for a sophisticated and practical look.


  1. Slimmer Furnishing

Replace your current furnishing pieces with the ones that do not take up much space. Browse the internet, and you will find ample suggestions. You can opt for slim stools and chairs, a small island, and a narrow table. You can also purchase foldable tables and chairs to create more space in your kitchen once the meal is complete.

Just remember that bulky stuff around the room creates a visual bulk and hinders the sightlines.


Wrap Up

There you have it, six easy ways to make a small kitchen appear bigger. So, are you getting a white kitchen cabinet? Or maybe you want to experiment with some fresh coat on your kitchen wall. Whatever it is, it’s time to freshly update your kitchen with neutral colors, the right furniture, and appropriate lighting.


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