5 Ways To Improve Your Barndominium Flooring

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Barndominiums are one of the best structures that property owners are adding in 2022. They are a great option for tempting tenants and renters to sign a lease for you and make great vacation and temporary stay properties. 

According to Ryan Reed-Baum, CEO of Trulog, "more homeowners are looking into barndominiums over traditional house. Considering barndominium cost versus a traditional house, it is a cheaper and more cost effective choice."

Unfortunately, many barndominiums have housing stuck in the 1900s. These are five ways to update these structures and why it matters.

What a Barndominium Floor Needs

Barndominiums are more commonly rental and income properties before anything else, and because of that, it's vital that you keep their use in mind. Although we would all love to have lush and comfortable carpet beneath our feet every day, this isn't always feasible.  

Barndominium floors need to be durable, low maintenance, able to hold up against moisture or scratches, affordable to replace, repair, or update, and safe for someone of any age to live on.

1. Adding a Heated Shower Floor

Sometimes a floor can add a touch of luxury. Adding a heated shower floor allows your tenants to keep their feet warm as they step into the shower the first thing in the morning. With a dial that allows them to control it, you'll be glad to know that this type of floor heating can get rid of extra moisture in the bathroom and lasts for an incredibly long time. This could save you money from later on renovations and is an awesome perk that buyers and renters alike will love to see.  

Make sure you mention this perk in your house listing and explain that it's an energy-efficient addition as well.

2. Tile Flooring is Always Great

Ceramic and porcelain tile are fantastic at conducting heat, allowing your barndominium to get a radiant heating system's full power while also allowing the floors to look fantastic. Tile costs a lot more and requires some planning and extra cleaning: but when it's new, and you post an advertisement for your property with the tile in the pictures, renters will lose their minds from excitement.  

Pick mild and neutral colors, like warm grays, or simple plain white, instead of going for funky patterns and designs. Although those can be fun, they can also be an eyesore over time once the trend dies out. 

3. Changing Your Floor Plan

If you don’t have any tenants right now, and you have the freedom and time to do it, consider if your floor plan is serving the property the best way it can. When people look to rent barndominiums, they picture wide open spaces where they can spread out and enjoy a lot of natural light and beautiful rustic decor.  

Look through some barndominium floor plans, and see if there are any that speak to you. You might not be able to replicate what you see online perfectly, but you can use it as inspiration to make your space into something far more renter-friendly.

4. Going With Stained Concrete

You may have seen stained and polished concrete floors and not even realized. Not only can it look sleek and like marble, but it can last for a long time and is incredibly durable. If you decide on stained concrete, make sure to put in the time to stain, seal, and polish it correctly. This can go incredibly wrong if you make one misstep, so take your time when you complete this project and go with the best polyurethane for floors.  You’ll end up with a property that’s built to last.

5. Always Considering Laminate

Laminate can be a great option because it allows you to have a scuff-free, waterproof, easy to clean, scratch-resistant floor that can last ten to fifteen years before you have to update it. Of course, this length of time changes depending on the use, how often people are moving in and out, and if there are any pets: but it's generally a reliable type of flooring that most barndominiums can rely on.

What to Avoid in Barndominium Flooring

There are some mistakes anyone might make that you should avoid when setting up your barndominium floor. Not only should you avoid carpet: but you should avoid untreated concrete floors, cheap laminate, and tile that you haven't read reviews on. 

Carpet is obvious, especially if this property is going to be an income barndominium you can rent out. You should avoid cheap laminate because you'll have to simply replace it faster and waste more money in the long run. 

Some types of tile are prone to cracking and can leave the floor throughout the entire property feeling broken. If you want to tile, do your research before you invest in it.

Every Property is Different

Whether you’re changing things up and updating your barndominium, or you’re building a new one from scratch, it’s vital that you take the time to create a building that speaks to your customers or renters. Follow these tips, and create a barndominium that shines.

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