5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Suburban Home

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Suburban homes are some of the most overlooked properties in today's market.  The modern shopper doesn't want a cookie-cutter home that looks the same as every other property; they want a house with a personality that can reflect well on themselves as the owner. 

These are five tips to make your suburban home really stand out: and why it matters.

Why Cookie Cutter Doesn’t Cut It

Many modern buyers are turned off by cookie-cutter homes and immediately slide to the next option available without considering the bones of the home and what they could do with it.  A large reason for this stigma against neighborhoods that all look the same is that having so many near-duplicates of a home makes each property feel a little less valuable. 

Instead of a unique building being constructed, it’s easy to see that seventy of them were quickly assembled at the same time. 

Buyers want something that feels a little more unique, that has personality, and that they won’t have to drop half a million only to own a property that looks exactly like the one next door.  If your home has the curse of cookie cutter: there are some changes you can make.

1. Update Your Home’s Roof

Your roof is a major part of what makes your home safe from the environment, but how long has it been since it was replaced?  An older roof will make a property less desirable and could result in buyers passing it by without giving it a chance.  Nobody wants to buy a home only to have to update it. 

Check your roof, from the eaves to the roof cricket, and ensure that it's in good condition.  If it's older and worn down, it could be worth it to update this before doing anything else. 

2. Replace Older Faded Windows

How old are your windows?  The older they are, the more faded they’ll become, and the more likely you’ll have to deal with issues like leaking air, smudges, cracks, and scratches.  You can even make a small change like updating the window sash to really change the aesthetic. 

If you’re more focused on keeping your home safe, storm windows cost more: but they can protect your home against nature and keep your heating and cooking down to a reasonable amount. 

3. Add Whimsy Through Updates

Whimsy is something that we could all use a touch of in our daily lives.  You can add whimsy to your property by updating your porch so it's a fun and interesting lounging space or by adding a decorative gable truss to give your home cabin fun vibes. 

If you pick one of these, make sure the rest of your home works well with it!  For the same reason you don’t want log cabin siding on a Victorian home, it’s a good idea to match the style of your home with the details.

4. Change the Siding to Something Fresh

Siding says a lot about your home's personality.  Not only through the color but also through the style you picked: so what if you changed things up in amazing ways?  Using EIFS stucco, you can give the exterior of your home a fun and gorgeous look that’s completely different from most suburban neighborhoods. 

Stucco has been in use for thousands of years and continues to be one of the most attractive types of home exteriors out there.  You can even get this type of stucco in dozens of different colors and styles.

5. Clear Out and Update the Details

The average bathroom faucet can last over twenty years, and although it's great that they work for this long: the styles change every five to ten years.  This means you could end up with a faucet that looks cheap, old and leaves the bathroom feeling a little dingey.

Go through your home, and update the little details like this.  This can mean faceplates of outlets and light switches, faucets, the hardware on cabinets, door knobs, lights, and anything else that catches your eyes. 

Although these may feel like tiny details, they're worth it because they add up into an amazing full image.  By the time you're done, the entire property will feel different and far more welcoming to anyone visiting.  

Avoid Chasing Every Trend You See

Although it's good to break your home out of the cookie cutter, it's important to remember that you don't need to follow every single trend you see.  Mix things up here or there, try something new, and give your home the opportunity to shine on its own.  People are already complaining about the all-gray looks that were king in the late 2010s, so it's vital to avoid chasing trends too closely and instead make a house that stands out as a welcoming space anyone would want to call home.

Your Home Should be a Space That Excites You

Whether you’re changing things up and making your home more exciting for yourself, or you’re prepping your suburban home for sale: it’s important to know change can be fantastic for a property’s value.  Consider some of these tips to make your home a dream come true.

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John Pusa
Glendale, CA

Hello Matt Lee these are very good list of tips for to spruce up a suburban home.

Aug 09, 2022 08:39 PM
Richard Weeks
Dallas, TX
REALTOR®, Broker

Great information, thanks for sharing.  I hope you have a great day.

Aug 14, 2022 03:28 AM