Wisconsin Woodland Report August 2022 Burnett County; Hunting, Timber, Investments! Market Snapshot

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Wisconsin Forestland ReportThe Wisconsin Woodland Report August 2022 Burnett County; Hunting, Timber, Investments!  Market Snapshot for 20+ Acre Properties





Available Properties Report

Price Total Acres $/Acre Original MLS # Status Municipality County
$84,000 20 $4,200 1567205 Active Siren Burnett
$84,000 20 $4,200 6241614 Active Siren Burnett
$99,000 80 $1,238 5720813 Active Siren Burnett
$99,000 80 $1,238 1551011 Active Siren Burnett
$119,900 39.3 $3,051 1566331 Active Blaine Burnett
$120,000 20.2 $5,941 6213985 Active Grantsburg Burnett
$120,000 20.2 $5,941 1565101 Active West Marshland Burnett
$125,000 20 $6,250 1565288 Active Sand Lake Burnett
$125,000 40 $3,125 6218165 Active Siren Burnett
$135,500 20 $6,775 1565278 Active Sand Lake Burnett
$160,000 40 $4,000 1566288 Active Daniels Burnett
$160,000 40 $4,000 6229228 Active Webster Burnett
$236,800 59.2 $4,000 6198033 Active Grantsburg Burnett
$236,800 59.2 $4,000 1564379 Active Grantsburg Burnett
$322,000 80 $4,025 1565071 Active Trade Lake Burnett
$335,000 67 $5,000 1564761 Active Rusk Burnett
$575,000 69.2 $8,309 6223065 Active Webster Burnett
$575,000 69.2 $8,309 1565832 Active Oakland Burnett
     $    4,113 Median Price / Acre      
$3,712,000            844  $    4,401 Average Price / Acre      







Wildlife and Recreation Paradise in Burnett County WisconsinWisconsin Forests

  Burnett County is just up the road from where I grew up and is famous for its Wildlife and Recreational opportunities.

The Forests, Rivers, Lakes and Wildlife of this county make it a hot-spot for people from the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St Paul) with a short drive from the big city to a rural forest paradise.forests

Some of my early experiences here included trips to see the wildlife at the word famous Crex Meadows Wildlife area and taking annual canoe trips down the Namekagon and St Croix rivers.

  Our clients at Woodland Management Service own some very nice forest land in this county and they are excited by the quality wildlife and forests here.

 Burnett County is home to 370 thousand acres of forest land, as well as thousands of acres of priceless wetlands.

forest map

  The largest acreage of forests here include 130 thousand acres of poor to medium quality Oak, which are great for Wildlife habitat. 

The quality of the Oak here is made up for with the top quality Pines that grow in the sandy high water table soils on 60 thousand acres of this county.

Aspen forests are the other important component in this county with around 75 thousand acres of this forest type that is so prized by many wildlife. 

Over all the Forests, Wildlife and Recreation opportunities of this county are exceptional in quality.

When you are interested in purchasing land or Selling land in Burnett County click the link or give me a call.

If you own some forest land and would like to learn more about how to improve this land, give Woodland Management Service a call and our Foresters and Wildlife Specialists will help you to accomplish your goals.




Forestland; Hunting, Timber, Investments!Forestland Experts

When looking to Buy, Sell or Invest in Forestland anywhere in Wisconsin, there is only one place to call.

When you need an Expert in all facets of Timberland, Hunting Land, and Investment Properties; Call on the Forestland Experts at Woodland Management Service and Woodland Real Estate.

The experts at Woodland Real Estate and Woodland Management Service have over 30 years of experience in working with huntingland, timberland investments throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

When you are ready to get serious about your forestland investments, call on the experts at the Woodland Companies!


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