Downtown Alpharetta: 8 Things You Must See And Do

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Technology City of the South due to a high number of tech-related companies operating within this one-of-a-kind place. Beyond technology, however, Alpharetta is still renowned for its vast job market, impressive shopping spots, high-achieving schools, and booming economy.

Today, we’re going to go through the best things you simply must do in downtown Alpharetta so that you may experience the true beauty of this city.

1 – Webb Bridge Park


If you’re the kind of person who must get in a morning jog, enjoys walks, or is just generally a nature enthusiast, Webb Bridge Park is the ideal place for you.

Many praise this location for being secluded, feeling as if you are miles away from any hustle and bustle of a busy downtown. The entire length of the park is surrounded by nature, making it a peaceful and quiet place to go at any time of day and for whatever reason whether it be exercise, mindfulness, or something else.­

The park is free, though obviously, there are certain basic rules and etiquette that must be abided by. It’s open from 8 AM until 10 PM each day.

2 – North Point Mall


For an activity that’s a little livelier and more rewarding, the North Point Mall houses an impressive array of shops and services for you to enjoy.

The mall itself has a very contemporary, simple design that despite its regularity still makes for a vast and impressive location to shop and, potentially, dine. To give you an idea of what to expect from North Point Mall, their shops include Sephora, LEGO, Macy’s, H&M, Vans, Victoria’s Secret, and more.

After shopping, you can grab a treat from the likes of Cinnabon, Great American Cookies, Auntie Anne’s, and so on. Alternatively, you can grab something more filling from Chick-Fil-A or California Pizza Kitchen. The choice is yours.

3 – Ameris Bank Amphitheater


Possibly the most well-known attraction from the impressive city of Alpharetta, Ameris Bank Amphitheater has been blessed with the likes of Stevie Nicks, Jason Bonham (son of Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham), Vanessa Carlton, and more.

As is the case with most amphitheaters, this arena is specially built to increase the ‘power’ of live performances. If your favorite artist is swinging by Alpharetta for a performance here, you’d best be willing to put everything on hold to go and see them in this fantastic music dome.

One thing to keep in mind is that accessing the amphitheater will require ascending multiple flights of stairs, so if you or someone in your party has a disability, it may be sensible to check accessibility measures for each concert first.

4 – Comeback Vinyl


Perhaps a slight niche choice and not what first springs to mind when you think of downtown Alpharetta, Comeback Vinyl is a neat musical corner store where you can bask in the rediscovery of all your favorite classics.

Now more than ever, with vinyl and cassette both seemingly making a modern resurgence, Comeback Vinyl is bustling with customers and goods and is quickly becoming a city staple.

Customers praise the store for its cleanliness and friendly staff and also the option to pre-order vinyl records before they are released on shelves. It’s all about local businesses at the end of the day, so if you’re into vinyl collecting, definitely give this hidden gem a visit!

5 – Odyssey Escape Game


In recent years, competitive building and other physically demanding team games have been increasing in popularity. Well, if you’re somebody who enjoys those kinds of activities, Alpharetta has you covered on that base as well.

For those unaware, escape rooms (or escape games, in this context) put you and a group of friends into a harrowing experience wherein you must put your brains together and figure out a way to escape the situation at hand alive… It’s a fictional scenario, don’t worry, there’s no actual danger here – Or is there?

6 – All Fired Up


Some of us have eyes for art. Some of us acknowledge and respect the story and struggle behind a painting or an artifact… And then some of us just see a boring old picture.

If you fall into the latter of those two groups, just hold on for a minute and don’t discount this studio, but if you’re fun like those under the first option, All Fired Up is a fantastic place in Alpharetta to practice, sharpen and show off your artistic skills with friendly, knowledgeable staff and a wide arsenal of paints and other resources to bring your ideas to life.

As for those who normally would just see a boring old picture, remember, art and design can be more than just talent; they can be therapeutic as well. Perhaps you’re having a tough day, week, or something even longer, but as multiple customers have praised it, All Fired Up is a fantastic place to head on down to and paint away your stress.

7 – Jekyll Brewery


For the alcohol connoisseurs out there or even just those who enjoy a good drink, Jekyll Brewery is a go-to place in Alpharetta for you.

The brewery itself is designed more like a coffee shop out front, giving it a simple and easy-going layout that’s not too confusing or buffeting for those who aren’t used to typical breweries. Oh, there are also pinball machines to give those who won’t have a party with them something to do – And potentially even a gateway to making new friends.

Customers praise the Jekyll Brewery for its generous selection of fresh, cold beers as well as its professional, classy taproom in the back.

8 – Pedego Electric Bike Hire


Similar to Webb Bridge Park, here we have another option that’ll connect you to nature, only this time, it’s more preferable to those who don’t enjoy walks but do still enjoy being in the fresh air.

Pedego Electric Bikes offer multiple services, including renting bikes for any number of hours, going on guided tours on bikes, or even flat-out buying an electric bike for yourself. It’s certainly one way to tour downtown Alpharetta in style.


Alpharetta, GA is one of the most fantastic cities in the state. There are just so many activities to do in so little time. We’ve put the best ones together on this list, so be sure to go through each of these at your own leisurely pace, but more importantly, enjoy the beautiful city around you.

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I love going to Alpharetta.  We will go just to window shop and be in the rush of the city...then we go home and appreciate our area with very little traffic.

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NIce break from the lake? Not that you need it

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