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The IMPACT Initiative FALL2022 Campaign

Services for Real Estate Pros with Bottom Line University

In most areas it’s already happening. In other areas we know it’s coming. The shift is on. The good news is… the market we are talking about has shown itself, or reasonable likenesses in the past. Markets like the one coming have produced some of the most successful years ever for those who took charge as others waited until they were sure the sky was falling. 

While there will be much to learn to navigate safely through the coming months, it’s not always about learning something new. More times than not, it’s about remembering things we’ve forgotten and focusing on tried and true strategies and skills. 

It's markets like these that have spawned new, industry changing companies, business models, and success stories. 

Our program, The IMPACT Initiative is built on rock-solid principles that have helped build some of the world’s most productive and successful companies and agents.

The IMPACT Initiative is a one-year, four campaign, fifty-six session program. There are twenty-eight AGENT sessions and there are twenty-eight LEADERSHIP sessions. All sessions are 1 - 11/2 hours long. All sessions are recorded and available to watch as often as one likes during the 14-week campaign periods. Written materials are available to be downloaded throughout each campaign. All sessions deal with and work on skills needed to succeed in the current market. 

We present a variety of expert guests who have eminent credibility. We know that listings are the name of the game at the agent and company level. We also know that recruiting, retention, and re-recruiting are key ingredients to a successful company. Our motto for the AGENT side of the program is: “Prospecting Solves All Problems”. For the LEADERSHIP side, our motto is: “Recruiting Solves All Problems”.  

Our participants (agents and leaders) range in experience from brand new to members of the TOP 1% on the North American continent.

The AGENT sessions are for agents, brokers, owners, trainers, and managers. LEADERSHIP sessions are for brokers, owners, managers, trainers, and recruiters. 

The FALL/2022 Campaign begins on Thursday, October 6, 2022. We work hard and we play to win! If you’d like to grow your company, we’d like to help you.

Below is a link to our final LEADERSHIP session of the SUMMER/2022. This was our 112th live show, and we continue to grow. We are making a difference. We know we can help you grow your company, no matter where you are in your journey. 


Email me and find out how easy it is to join The IMPACT Initiative. There’s not a better value on the market anywhere!

Ralph Williams, Founder                                                                                                                                Bottom Line University                                                                                                Ralph@BottomLineUniversity.com