So I see a crypto coin, nft, blockchain scam what can I do to help?

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As I just finished up writing

about yet another scam, by the way there is also a series of post on that link of a list of scams if you are interested to learn more to try to keep yourself safer in the world of crypto and nfts. This might apply to these examples but they are using social media channels and can related to other business platforms as they are using Twitter,Discord and platforms you might have used.

It best if you catch it as soon as possible to try to help others avoid losing their nfts, their crytpo coins or them losing in some cases their twitter account controls and social media platforms which then are used to try to drain funds from friends and families similar to the prince scams of the early days of the internet saying you  inherited funds just need to claim them by paying taxes on them.

(This time they contact your friends and family to say your stranded send funds)


So what can you do to try to help out to report if you see a scam going on.

1. If its on Twitter report it to @CertiKCommunity their direct messages as of this writing are open, if they close them in the future you can tag a tweet to try to report as well.

2. @TwitterSafety report it to them by tagging a tweet they should be monitoring the account.

3. Here are some safety general tips from Twitter in general If its not twitter related but rather Discord for the scam you can hit the report spam button in the Discord direct message if you are sent a direct message scam as shown here

4. @AMLT_Network for coin related scams this is a tracking an monitoring coin blockchain company that works with banks and institutions I picked up some of their coins and turned in my wallet as a safe wallet address just so in case anyone took any coins I should be in their database for them to have a better chance to track down the hacker. this is their new company their dms are open if you want to report something there. Worth noting  you can see ongoing investigations here. This was intended for larger scale hedge funds and banks to use for tracking single wallets in batches but as long as whitelisting stays up you might as well add your wallet to those being tracked if you are unfortunately robbed of coins and nfts at least theres a starting place to turn in, security firms are normally interested to track new tactics.

5. List of more security firms for reporting you can find on my Twitter account including chainanalysis, @MistTrack_io for checking out smart contracts if your buying into a project @tbcauditor @ciphertrace @elliptic there are new security and reporting firms starting up as well.

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