How Can I Achieve a Perfect Puddle for My Drapes?

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Earlier, homeowners used overly long curtains to insulate windows during winter. However, later they stood as a sign of wealth and excess. Puddled drapes can add just as much grandeur and drama to your home today. Depending on what fabric and style you choose, puddled drapes can give make a space feel more formal or casual. Puddling is common with velvet, silk and heavy weight curtains as they create a fancy look.

What is A Curtain Puddle?

Puddled (or pooled) curtains are ones that have fabric that pools on the floor. Whether you call these curtains puddled or pooled, they are longer than floor length so the fabric has to go somewhere. That is the fun part as you get to arrange the fabric, which works well when you don't have young children or pets that will undo your styling.

Different Types of Puddled Curtains

Most homeowners are aware of the puddles in a pair of curtains. However, they are not aware of the types of puddles. Enlisted are the various styles of puddles and ways to achieve the perfect look with these puddles.

Break Puddle

Often referred to as break length, it is the simplest puddling style anyone can achieve. In this style, you need to puddle the curtain about an inch onto the floor. It works best with fabrics like cotton and linens. This will give your drapery a laid-back feel because it will be creating a break in it. Perhaps, you will be using a pleated drape, then it will result in a tailored break, unlike soft top curtains that produce a casual break.

It is how you can do it:

For a casual look: All you need to do is to hang your curtains and then let the pleats lying naturally. Among other styles in the list, this one is the simplest because no arrangement is required.

For a tailored look: To achieve this look, you need to choose pleated curtains that drop uniformly. You might as well go for drapes that are heavyweight and have multiple linings. After you hang it, arrange the fabric in such a way that the hem of each pleat bends. This will create a clean stack of folds on the floor.

Medium Puddle

If you prefer to get more character than the previous one, then try this puddling style. The medium puddle requires you to increase your fabric length by 2-5 inches. Either way, it can result in an eye-catching outcome. This puddle style falls in between the dramatic true puddling style.

True Puddle

If you want to achieve the most dramatic result, then go for a true puddle. You can accomplish the style by adding about 6 up to 16 inches to the length of the curtain. Your curtain will be fanning out at the bottom just like a wedding gown resulting in a sophisticated and elegant train of fabric.

Here is how you can arrange the fabric to achieve a true puddle:

Flowing puddle: The first style of true puddling mimics the train of the wedding gown. It is bold and luxurious. The fabric lies naturally and flow out from your curtain panels, creating a perfect pool.

Fold-under puddle: As the name suggests, you will have to fold the extra fabric beneath itself in this puddling style. You will see amazing results after you fluff the fabric. It will look like soft clouds thereby providing your room a dreamy effect.

Stacked puddle: In this style, you will have to pile the fabric vertically, instead of letting it flow outwards. You will need to be patient on this because it will most like take time before your curtain can maintain this puddling style. Readjust the folds as needed. The curtain will retain the puddle over time as you train it.


You can create more drama and style in your space if you know how to puddle curtains. Doing so is very simple. You can even do it in multiple ways.

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If you want to achieve the most dramatic result, then go for a true puddle. You can accomplish the style by adding about 6 up to 16 inches to the length of the curtain

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