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How a Smart Home Equals a Safe Home

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Homes have become incredibly high-tech, but we are still at the mercy of Mother Nature every time a big storm rolls through. While there is not much you can do to stop strong winds, power outages, and flooding, the right smart home technology can help you stay safe in an emergency.

If you're like most people, when it comes to preparing for emergencies or disasters, you probably just focus on the essentials: food, water, shelter and emergency gear. But what about during normal day-to-day life?

How are Smart Home Tools going to fair during a Power Outage?

Before you invest in a smart home tool, make sure you have the power to keep it running when you need it. Mid-range devices can typically keep critical systems running for 12 hours or more during a power outage. An uninterrupted power supply (or UPS) will help protect your Internet connection and WiFi.

Although WiFi cameras have become affordable and easy to install, their motion-based recording and night-vision capabilities can make them valuable allies in the event of bad weather.

What about Water Intrusion, can Smart Home Tools help with that?

Adding smart home devices to your home can help you keep track of things like temperature and humidity levels, but you might not know about the water sensors that are available. These battery-powered sensors can be a valuable addition to key areas in your house, such as the basement and near the patio doors. They're inexpensive and work with almost any smart home hub, so they're a good way to keep tabs on your home even when you're not here.

This Simplicity of Smart Home Installation

These devices are a breeze to use and set up — they can be integrated into your existing smart home system with the help of a local cable or Internet service provider. The right smart home upgrades will not only have a dramatic impact on your daily productivity, but they will also provide critical safety net that can keep your family safe in any weather emergency. There’s no smarter way to be prepared in any type of weather!

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