Michigan Flat Fee MLS Companies: Names to rely upon!

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A flat fee MLS listing service is a great alternative to selling your home without hiring an expensive full-service real estate agent. So, when you are confident about selling your home on your own or as FSBO or for sale by the owner, then using a flat fee MLS listing service is worthy.

A flat fee MLS can help you list your home on the local Multiple Listing Service or MLS to show your listing to several buyers as well as their agents. Since MLS is the main resource for real estate agents, which is used to list various properties and share the home details with other agents too, the sellers quickly find a buyer. There is a plethora of local MLS databases around the state. The real estate websites like Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, etc. also use the data from the MLS. So, if your home is not available on your local MLS, then you are definitely missing a lot.

If you are thinking about how to get your listing on the MLS, then you need to know that only real estate agents or brokers can access and post listings on the MLS. So, to sell your home on your own and without a realtor, you will need a flat fee MLS listing service.

Flat fee MLS listing service

By charging a pre-determined flat fee, the flat fee MLS Michigan service will list your home on the MLS within a couple of days. The basic flat fee MLS listing service packages will stop their services at that point. However, if you want a full service, then you may opt for a high-priced flat fee MLS listing services package.

Many flat fee MLS listing providers offer complete assistance by taking an extra charge. You can choose the services from their menu and help yourself in the selling process.

Best Michigan Flat Fee MLS Companies

Here are the most trusted names when you are looking for the top Michigan Flat Fee MLS companies.

Kermath Realty

Jeff Kermath, the man behind the website, is known for providing ultimate comprehensive support to sellers. Kermath Realty’s packages are e detailed here:

  • The first package called the Bronze is priced at $299. In this package, you can upload about six pictures. The listing will be live for a period of six months. If you are an experienced seller, then you can sign up for this package as it provides minimal assistance.
  • In the Silver package of $399, you get a period of one year on the MLS and you can also upload 35 photos. You also get ShowingTime which helps you schedule viewings.
  • In the Gold package of $998, you can make as many open houses as you want. You also get support in pricing the house. Other than this, you can also expect incredible phone as well as email support.
  • In the Platinum package of $1,298, you get professional photos.

The Flat Fee

If you are going ahead with FSBO but struggling with the question – of how to price your property? Then here you can seek some help. The Flat Fee offers a comparative sales analysis in which you can get the answer to your question. This Flat Fee service is included in most of their packages.

Here are the details of the Flat Fee packages:

  • The Basic package is priced at $349. This package offers beginner-level support to the sellers. The package covers the listing of the property for a period of three months. You don’t get pricing assistance with this package.
  • In the Bronze package that charges you $399 along with a fee of 0.5% at the time of closing, you get a listing time of six months. You can also upload 10 extra pictures. You also get comparable sales analyses.
  • The Silver package that needs you to shell out $749, provides you a chance to upload more photos. With this package, you get negotiation services.
  • In the Gold package which is priced at an amount of $999, you get digital or e-signatures.
  • In the highest or the Ultimate package, which is priced at $1,499, you get superior marketing assistance. You can get the drone footage done for your home. You can also schedule an open house. The listing will remain for a period of one year.


If you don’t want to take chances and work with only the best, then Houzeo is the name for you. Houzeo offers lucrative packages and the best support to the sellers. Best known for offering maximum exposure and excellent services, they have earned a great reputation in the market. Houzeo reviews are also the best that talk about the company’s brilliant support services to the sellers.

The website offers four MLS packages. Here are the details of the packages offered by them.

  • In the entry-level of the basic Bronze Package, you just need to pay an amount of only $299 and receive an MLS listing in return. You can also get your listing syndicated to other esteemed real estate websites such as Redfin, Trulia, Zillow, etc. for increased exposure.
  • In the second package which is also called the Silver Package, the website charges you a sum of $349. In this package, the seller gets everything that they need from the real estate agent.
  • In the Gold Package, which is also the best package that the website offers, you are charged an amount of $399. Using this package enables you to use the latest and cutting-edge technology the website offers. You can also use high-tech features like Houzeo Showings. Using the online Houzeo offers along with DigiTransact will make you experience nothing but the best.
  • Lastly, there is a premium and platinum package. This package needs you to pay $999. Signing up for this package means that you get a qualified and licensed broker to help you with the home sale. By taking the help of this experienced and expert real estate agent, you can make the process of home sale easier and hassle-free.

Selling your home without a realtor may need a lot of commitment. As you handle a lot of work, you may get confused or agitated. For FSBO sellers, it is highly recommended to use the services of the flat fee MLS Michigan companies. Michigan home sellers have an option to work with the best flat fee real estate agent such as Houzeo.

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