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Great blog by Sandra Nickel on getting your house ready to put on the market!

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If you are planning to put your house on the market, there is no time like the present to start getting organized for the process of staging, showing and moving out of your home.

Begin now by following the tips listed below and you won’t feel so overwhelmed when it’s time for that first open house!

Eliminate Piles before you sell. 

Some of us suffer from “flat-surface syndrome”.  If there is a flat surface, it is covered with “stuff”.  Now is the time to eliminate any of the “stuff” cluttering the horizontal surfaces in your home. Things such as mail, magazines and other odds and ends that are piled on the tops of tables, desks and shelves should be removed. 

Clear out storage areas. 

If your closets, bookcases, pantry, and other storage areas are overstuffed, this is a red flag for potential buyers that screams, “not enough storage!”.  Keeping a minimum number of items in your house will leave the impression that there is a generous amount of storage in your home.

Get rid of excess.

Eliminate or pack up items that you will not need before you move. For example, only keep enough dishes, towels, sheets, toys etc. that you will use during the time your house is for sale. Why have ten sets of sheets in your linen closet when you will only need one or two?

Remove seasonal items.

Pack away things that are only used during other seasons. If you are selling in the fall/winter, pack away your spring/summer clothes. You can also pack away off-season holiday items. 

Throw things away.

If it is worn out, broken, rusty, stained, torn or incomplete, it is time to let it go. If your belongings look shabby and old, your house will look that way too. Don’t hesitate to throw such items away.

Donate items you no longer want or need. 

When you are cleaning and sorting items, if you come across things that you do not use now and will not use in a new home, donate them. There is no point in packing and moving something you will never use.  But if it is in good shape, someone else will get use out of it.

Sell before you sell.

If you find that you have many items to eliminate from your home, think about selling what you do not store, throw away or donate. You can sell at a yard sale, bring items to a consignment shop, or list items online. But have reasonable expectations regarding how much money you can make; do not overprice.  Remember the goal is to dispose of as many things as possible.

Rent a storage unit. 

Move large items/equipment that you do not often use to a storage unit. It can also provide space for packed boxes to give you a head start in preparing for your move.

Improve Curb Appeal.

Remove any clutter (toys, lawn ornaments, garbage bins) from your yard. The outdoor spaces provide the first and last impression for potential buyers and as such, it is important that they look neat and tidy.

Moving is stressful, so don’t wait to start preparing.  Get a head start before putting your house on the market!

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Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, CRS
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Don’t wait till the last minute and heed your advice and get prepared 🙂

Sep 10, 2022 08:49 PM