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Laketown Wharf Resort | Condo Prices 8/2022 Market Report

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Hi my name is Scott Pope, your Laketown 

Wharf condo guide. Here to let you know that


this past month we've had a 30% increase in 

listings. We're up to 66 listings currently.


What's the story behind 66 listings and only 

six sales at Laketown Wharf? First the inventory


has went from low to high and prices went 

from high to higher as shown on the screen.


Now with rising interest rates and the 

volatile stock market, there aren't enough


buyers to sustain the price levels that 

we've seen in Laketown Wharf this year.


They are now reverting back to the price 

levels they were in the spring of this year.


Mind you those were good prices but they aren't 

going to keep going up five, six, seven percent


every month. Competition among similar condos 

is fierce right now. So either your condo must


stand out with amazing features or stand out 

by competitive pricing. For the most part right


now - price sales. Hey! We need a favor from you. 

If you would please subscribe to our channel and


like this video we'd appreciate it. We currently 

have seven pending sales at Laketown Wharf.


Five of those are scheduled to close in September. 

If they do and if we have any additional to close


in September, that will keep pace with what we've 

been doing since May of this year. There were


six sales at Laketown Wharf in July. Three one 

bedroom lake views ranging from $294 to $320,000


and three two bedroom Gulf views ranging from $469 

to $475 thousand. One last thing before we go.


I just want to let you know on Thursday 

Nautical Properties has a big announcement.


We have a third member joining our team! So stay 

tuned to see who that person is. See you then!

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Great Post Scott!  I saw this line at the beginning " this past month we've had a 30% increase in listings. We're up to 66 listings currently."

And I wondered why the increase in August, Then I read the very informative article.  Thank you.

Sep 13, 2022 05:43 AM
Bill Salvatore - East Valley
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Enjoyed your blog page, and I added you as a friend. I would love the follow back. Thanks Bill

Sep 13, 2022 01:19 PM