An Ode to Roadhogs - Summer Travelog #4

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An Ode to Roadhogs
A couple times a year I take a road trip. At least one trip brings me to Colorado like the one I just did last week. It's an 800 mile trek and takes me about 12 hours depending on traffic.

roadhogTherein lies the rub - traffic. Over the years I've developed a couple pet peeves and where better to air my asphalt stained laundry than in an 'Ode to Roadhogs' blog.

TRUCK#1 - The 2 Milers - Please understand I don't have anything against our great brethren of the 18 wheelers. Those Road Warriors are responsible for transporting valuable goods including Jack Daniels across this great land. But I despise the 2 Milers. You've been behind these jokers. They're running single file across the flat lands at a good clip but as soon as they hit a little hill their speed drops to something resembling Granny in a walker.
But there's always one (1) who feels his truck has the capability of going two (2) miles an hour faster than all the others so he has to swing out into the passing lane. Mile after dogged mile, hour upon hour, he stokes the fires in his diesel trying to creep by his cohorts gaining maybe one foot for every vertical mile traveled. Meanwhile traffic is backing up to the Mexican border waiting for this Macho Man and his diesel manhood to prove themselves.

road trip#2 - The Winnebago Caravan. There's only one thing I hate worse than seeing  one of these behemoths rolling down the road and that's seeing one of THESE ancient whales breaking wind. winnebago
It never fails that as soon as I hit two lane roads up out of Flagstaff (or anywhere in the civilized world I travel), there's one of these clunkers destroying enough ozone to melt Greenland. And if that's not bad enough, they travel in convoys or caravans or some damn thing and they're always clumped together so that you have to have about 12 or 17 miles of no traffic in the oncoming lane to pass all these chuckleheads - cause sure as you're born, they're not gonna back off enough to let you sneak back in if a car approaches head-on.

Plus there's always a few cars stranded in the middle of the pack somewhere that got stuck in there by mistake and now they're going to end up going wherever the Winnebago's go because they can't figure out how to get back out again. If you do get lucky and come to a passing lane, see peeve #1 above. One of these clowns always thinks he can pass the others so he blows the whole passing lane trying to prove it only to back off at the last minute as the lanes merge, usually crushing a small car in his wake. Meanwhile the thing is shaking and quaking and blowing enough black smoke to camouflage an aircraft carrier. The only saving grace is when you see one of those big smooth black spots on the edge of the asphalt where one of these finally spontaneously combusted after a lifetime of irritating motorists.

#3 - The Great 'Outlaw' Trail Riders. The last category is probably the worst. For whatever reason, the first two groups appear to be almost accidental. They are too far gone to figure out that they're not the only ones on the road and if ignorance is bliss, the first two categories are very happy campers indeed. Not so with this third group. cyclesThey are keenly aware that they are not alone on the road and the fact that they are often victimized makes their lunacy almost counter-intuitive. I'm talking about the line of motorcycles riding two abreast (or four if their wives are with them) stretching for miles and miles across the country, the great trail ride from hell involving hundreds if not thousands of obnoxiously loud, smelly, fuming beasts (and their motorcycles).

Apparently bikers are incapable of traveling alone or even in pairs but observe some unwritten rule that they roam only in groups of 417 or greater. Now I'm not talking about the true 'outlaw' riders of whom I would never say a discouraging word (aw, why not, they don't read blogs?). I'm talking about the weekend warriors, sometimes on Harleys but more often on a mix of rice rockets, granny bikes, big old Goldwings, farty little dirt bikes - all mixed into a conglomeration traveling at 5 - 10 miles under the posted limit. Trying to pass a group like this is an exercise in futility and defensive driving. Not only will they not narrow their profile to allow easy passage, they actually expand like a cheap sponge until they present a solid phalanx 8 feet wide by 4.73 miles long. And they get surly if you pass, and they make rude gestures and slap your car and make you afraid to pull in for gas for the next couple days. The only good thing is most of the riders are even older and fatter than me - so I get a runnin' start.  

Well, that's my rant for the day - I just had to get that off my chest so thanks for indulging me. My vacation is actually going great and if you care you can read more about it here:
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#3. The Smugglers Union Mine - Travels at Timberline

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To the three people that wll stumble across this - I apologize in advance if I have offended any of you or your family. You may know someone who resembles one of these groups and I am in no way impugning their character. If I have offended anyone - my job here is done.

Jul 01, 2008 04:38 PM #1
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