The Best Home Design Tips for Indoor Plant Addicts

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Designing your home is fun when you’ve got a green thumb. You can easily merge your love for plants and interior design preferences with clever ideas that work in any living space. Check out the best home design tips for indoor plant addicts to find your inspiration.

1. Hang Sheer Curtains

Those sunblocking curtains might match your couch or comforter, but they don’t help your plants. If your ferns, flowers and other plants have recently struggled to stand up straight, the blame may lie with your curtains. Switch them for sheer panels to get the most sunlight inside your home and help your plants thrive.

2. Add More Surface Space

You’ve likely already covered your bookshelves and dressers with colorful plants, but you can add more decorative space to maximize your indoor garden. Consider adding floating shelves that attach to two studs and hold plenty of weight. Your plants will look gorgeous at varying heights along the walls in your sunniest rooms.

3. Look at Your Ceiling

Ceilings provide another way for indoor plant addicts to decorate. Choose a ceiling hook that matches the paint and use decorative rope or twine to hang whatever sized plants you prefer. You’ll use the space to your advantage while adding visual layers to your interior design.

4. Create a Sunroom

Some homes don’t get much sunlight. The windows might face north and south instead of east and west. If that’s the case, you can always replace those walls with glass panels. Turning a room into a sunroom increases your home’s value and gives you a modern greenhouse. It’s the perfect place to add to your garden and relax with all your loved ones.

5. Group Plants by Height

Placing flowers on your table is one thing, but what do you do with plants of varying heights? Playing with the look of your plant groups is one of the best home design tips for indoor plant addicts. Frame your wider varieties with shorter plants and catty-corner the tallest in every room to make use of your greenery and your home.

6. Plan Your Seasonal Varieties

Think about what you’ll grow during the next season to plan the upcoming changes in your home’s design. You could find winter plant varieties that will do well by chilly windows while autumn thunderstorms still roll through your town. You’ll get a headstart on the types of plants you want to introduce around your home and adjust your decor accordingly.

7. Remember Your Centerpieces

There’s never a wrong place for a centerpiece. You could place your plants on your kitchen table, bookshelf, countertop or in a closet with a window. Try moving them into new pots or creative containers to add a new twist to your decor. Placing air plants inside a faux pumpkin during the fall or growing succulents in a bird cage would add some flair your current home design might be missing.

8. Match Decor to Your Plants

Take inspiration from the variegated leaves of your dieffenbachia plant or the bright blues in your delphinium flowers. You can always match the new decor to the colors in your plants. It prioritizes your hobby, so your life revolves around your greatest passion. This can also be a subtle way to decorate your home if you’re looking for a central theme for your color choices.

Using the Best Home Design Tips for Indoor Plant Addicts

If you’re an indoor plant addict, there are plenty of ways to tweak your interior design to fit your passion. Whether you add a few shelves, create a sunroom or match the decor to your favorite plants, you’ll merge your living space with your greenery to create an authentic home.

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