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Neighborhood Information

One of the most sought-after places to live in San Bruno is the Burlingables, Burlingame. Burlingables is a neighborhood with fantastic landscaping and charming architecture. It is undeniably one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the city due to the proximity of Burlingame's commercial establishments as well as recreation centers. There are many shops and restaurants along Burlingame Avenue, and the area provides convenient access to Downtown Burlingame via commuter rail. Small, charming houses typical of the American countryside can also be found in the area. There is a significant shortage of housing in the area. Housing in Burlingables, Burlingame, is an excellent investment if you want to relocate or start a family. Please call us immediately so we can search our extensive database for the perfect home for you.

On the west side of Highway 101, not far from Anza Lagoon and Hilton Airport, you'll find Burlingables. From San Francisco Bay, it's one of the most accessible neighborhoods to reach. The Downtown Burlingame and Caltrain areas are easily accessible, providing residents with a wide range of amenities. It also offers picturesque suburban vistas, perfect for those searching for peace and proximity to others or those visiting friends or family. A place of such natural beauty as Burlingables deserves to be called home. It's a great place for young families to settle down because of the relaxed vibe and close-knit community. Everything you could want in a neighborhood is right here, from parks and pools to gyms and play areas. One of the reasons why Burlingables is such a great place to raise a family is that it is within walking distance of Burlingame High School. Some of the best schools in California can be found in this area. Burlingables, Burlingame real estate is close to a number of elementary and middle schools, as well as a high school.


Real Estate Information

The cost of a home in Burlingables, Burlingame, can range anywhere from $1.39 million to $3.85 million. There is a wide range of lot sizes, from 0.1 to 0.16 acres. There are homes in the neighborhood ranging in size from about 1,050 to 3,000 square feet. Most Burlingables houses were built between 1930 and 1950, but many have undergone additions and alterations. The neighborhood has some truly stunning examples of Traditional, Tudor, Country English, and Bungalow architecture.


Neighborhood Location

It's not hard to figure out where Burlingables ends, and the surrounding area begins. You'll find AP TILE, Trenton Park, and Andrea West Design to the north. This boundary can be found all the way along Rollins Road. From this border, you can see Burlingame High School and the Burlingame Barber Shop as you make your way west along Oak Grove Road. The eastward extending lines of the southern perimeter run parallel to Carolan Avenue, reaching the original Royal Donut. The eastern boundary closes in along Burlingame Avenue, securing the borders. The Washington Park Tennis Courts, ABC Discoveryland Academy, Burlingame Lions Club Hall, Washington Park Playground, Burlingame Parks & Recreation Department, Kiddie lab Preschool, and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church are all located along this side of town.

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Burlingame, CA Market Report:

Households: 12,047
Median Listing Home Price: $2.7M
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $1.4K
Median Rent: $2,305
Home Ownership Percentage: 51.3%


Burlingame, CA Community Report:

Population: 31,902
Average Household Income: $183,137
Median Age: 40.1
Associate's Degree or Higher: 41%
Cost of Living Score: 379


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