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Friends and clients,

I have a list of homeowners who want to sell their homes here in Austin, DFW and San Antonio but don’t want them to appear online.

This is usually for privacy purposes. The homeowner likely wants to privately see what price they can get for their home. You won’t find details about these properties online or on home search websites like Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, etc.

A few reasons these homeowners may want to sell this way:

New job or relocation

Family changes (e.g. marriage, divorce)

Change in financial situation

Heath issues

Valuables in the home (e.g. art, antiques)

I invite you to sign up for my VIP Homebuyer list to get access to these hidden homes.

First, you’ll get pre-approved by a lender (or pay all cash) to make a competitive off-market offer quickly. After, you’ll receive confidential photos of the home and a video walk-through. I also may be able to arrange a private in-person showing or bring you in on Facetime or Zoom if the seller is open to it.

I’ll help you put the offer together and manage the whole transaction off-market, per the seller’s request. Remember that every home on my VIP Homebuyer List is added at the seller's request.

When one of these homes becomes available for sale, you’ll be the first person to know so you can bring a competitive offer to the homeowner.

Also, if you’d like to test the market and possibly sell your home privately with me, let me know. I’ll put it on the list and send it out to my pre-approved buyers ready to make an offer.

Excited to tackle the home-buying process with you,

Chris Watters




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