OOh OOh That Smell

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OOh OOh that smell. 

     In my 15 years inspecting homes, I've seen so may weird and wacky and just plain stupid things, I really should just write a book. I can tell you it would be a best seller.

     For instance, tell me these aren't crazy things to find on an inspection.

Cut off mannequin head just inside the attic hatch. Oh, it also has fake blood on it's face. Real funny Mr Seller.

     How about finding an oil painting of a nude woman in the attic of a nearly empty house, who just happens to be packing up her last few things downstairs. I'm sure she forgot it was in the attic and I was not going to be the one to remind her to pack it. Picture available upon request. :-)

     But the craziest thing ever was the day I pulled up to an old home by the Kankakee River. Seller comes walking out to the driveway and after I give him my card, he tells me I don't have to go in the basement. Why? The water heater is leaking and the boiler is broken and he has a plumber coming next week so don't even bother looking at those things in the basement. Now I know I have to go in the basement. He left and the sellers showed up shortly after. I walked past the basement celler door I had already opened and heard the buyers laughing really loud. I asked what was so funny and they said come on down. I walked into a really stinky skunk smell. I was not aware that pot smells like a skunk when it's growing. I'm such a square. 

     There in the next room I found the source of the stink. A large black covered greenhouse with the most vibrant, green, lush growing pot plants you've ever seen. The guy could really grow a good looking crop.

     I called the listing agent after the inspection to let her know what was going on and her reply was crazily epic. "Oh dear, That's not good." Well it got even worse for the seller. Two days later the house was raided by the local DEA police and I'm pretty sure the seller still thinks that the big mouth home inspector tattled on him. I swear it wasn't me man. 


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Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
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Hello Scott - weird and wacky proves to be true over and over in real estate.  Fortunately, there are many pleasant experiences that put things in perspective.   

Sep 24, 2022 05:16 AM