Rate Watch 9/26/22 - The slide continues

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The Fed raised rates by 0.75% as the market expected. Last week’s action was similar to all weeks with a Fed decision. The days leading up to the decision were rough and then the market rallies on Fed Chairman Powell’s speech. After all, he has to raise rates without spooking markets into a massive panic-sell-off.


Speaking of speeches, we hear from a lot of Fed members this week. They will look to support their decision from last week and may be more aggressive in their language than the chairman was. We also get some housing data.


Here’s what’s in store this week




  • Boston Fed President Collins Speaks
  • Atlanta Fed President Bostic Speaks
  • Dallas Fed President Logan Speaks
  • Cleveland Fed President Mester Speaks




  • Chicago Fed President Evans Speaks
  • Fed Chairman Powell Speaks on Digital Finance (crypto enthusiasts tune in)
  • San Francisco Fed President Daly Speaks
  • US Home Price Index
  • St. Louis Fed President Bullard Speaks
  • New Home Sales




  • Atlanta Fed President Bostic Speaks
  • Fed Chair Delivers Opening Remarks
  • Fed Gov. Bowman Speaks
  • Chicago Fed President Evans Speaks




  • Initial and Continuing Jobless Claims
  • St. Louis Fed President Bullard Speaks




  • PCE index
  • Fed Vice Chair Brainard Speaks
  • 5 Yr Expected Inflation Data
  • Fed Gov Bowman Speaks
  • Richmond Fed President Barkin Speaks on What’s Driving Inflation
  • New York Fed President Williams Speaks


As a reminder, most of the current stances of the Fed members remain Hawkish. Dallas Fed President  Black was replaced by Logan in August and Logan is moderate.



Chart Check (see above)


The chart above is ugly. However, I do expect us to carve out a bottom soon as we are finishing the month. Historically, September is the worst month for markets. Depending on what Fed members say this week, things can get volatile. Monday starts us off with Mester who is on the hawkish side.



My long-term thesis on rates still stands. However, I do expect more pain before things get better. We have two more rate hikes this year: one in November and the other in December. I expect November to be 75bp as well, but I will update that as the data comes in.


Just like all of 2022, I am not floating rates. We should get some relief once we carve a bottom and establish a support line, but it’s too much of a gamble to time perfectly. However, I do expect an amazing refi opportunity in the next 12-24 months.

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