When to Know your Flooring Needs Repair

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Home improvement is every homeowner’s guilty pleasure. From simple interior changes down to fixing the floorings shouts a satisfying outcome. That’s why most of them value every home design trend. It helps them transform their homes into cozy and well-designed ones. 


When it comes to the floor of a home, it is usually overlooked, considering it covers the entire square meters of the house. In short, it will cost higher than a DIY renovation or buying new furniture. However, what beautification can your house have if the floor is too damaged to walk on safely?


Importance of Checking the Floorings


Most of the resident home improvement junkies have their expertise when it comes to arranging a home. Some are experts in aesthetics, while some focus on the structural, like the status of the floors.


Home floorings are one of the critical aspects that every homeowner should focus on. It offers both the aesthetic and structural needs to build a great home. Once the floorings are left without proper maintenance, it will be more prone to damage and may affect the mentioned two perks it offers.


Aside from that, failing to know if the floorings are properly maintained may eventually result in an unwanted accident. Having unbalanced and chapped floorings can lead to people tripping every time they walk. Thus, this kind of home is not that safe after all. 


Signs Your Flooring Needs Replacement


As mentioned, the floors of your home must be properly maintained. That way, it can last longer and helps keep people safe from harm. However, with time and other external factors, it can still affect the condition of the floorings. So, replacement is the only reasonable solution. Below is a list of identifiers that signify that it’s time to replace the floors. 


1. Floor noises

One of the common signs that the floor needs replacement is when it produces alarming sounds when people pass by. It is often caused by a loose nail or floor damage. Of course, if the floors are too old and a sound forms, it may be telling the homeowners to do something about it. Try contacting professionals to know the right thing to do for the squeaking floors.


2. Discoloration and Odor

On the other hand, another problem homeowners may face is discoloration and odor. Both of them are common, especially with children around. Spilling of anything is inevitable, and the floorings will be the ones to catch every mess. Unfortunately, if left uncleaned, it can soak to the floorings, resulting in discoloration and odor that is difficult to remove. 


3. Flooding

Another example is the flooding situation. Of course, when the water seeps through, it will affect the binding, causing the tiles or wood floorings to loosen up. Additionally, such type of water is an aftermath of a typhoon, meaning the water is not that clean, causing a disastrous clean up to do. 


4. Chapped and Scratched

Meanwhile, this sign is not that unusual, especially when moving heavy furniture at home. Now, it usually depends on how serious the damage is to replace the flooring. If it is too deep, it is necessary to have a replacement as the water may seep through that damage.



Home improvement should be made not only for aesthetic purposes but to ensure the safety of the people who live in the house. It is normal to upgrade one’s home to fit the aesthetics of today’s trends. However, seeing what’s important is essential, like checking the situation of the floorings of whether or not it is stable enough. Furthermore, there’s no harm in doing maintenance checks to see if the floors are good or if they need replacement. That way, you can see which one to prioritize for your home improvement project.

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Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Chicago, IL
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Good morning Tamra. Proper maintenance should never be overlooked. Choosing the proper flooring is essential. Enjoy your day.

Oct 04, 2022 05:00 AM
Tamra Lee Ulmer

Thanks for reading, Wayne. Have a great day!

Oct 04, 2022 01:57 PM