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Drone & Videos Sell Homes In Chestermere AB

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We have been pioneers in marketing our listings in Chestermere with Drone and video tours. Kevin McKay has his drone pilot license, so he can legally run the larger, better-quality drones. He can also edit the videos and blend the inside of the home with the exterior and neighborhood videos. The purpose of these videos is to honestly represent the home as though the buyers were actually walking through the home.   

Local and National Marketing!

We promote our Drone and Video Tours in the national marketplace, locating buyers that are moving to this area.  If they like what they see they will tell their Buyer’s Agent to show them the home.

We Set Up Our Clients For Success!

It is a competitive market out there, and it can change in a heartbeat. With 28 years of experience, we have worked in every kind of market, buyers, sellers, and transitional. There are different strategies that work for each market and the trick is to know which one you are in. It is also important to have all of your ducks in a row so that you are ready to compete in whatever market we are in.
We are committed to helping our clients navigate the real estate market with compassion and competence. Most of our friends started out as clients! So, we are excited to meet you!

We know the value of good photographs. If you have poor dark photos, people will just move on to the next home. It is also important that the photos represent the home accurately, otherwise, the prospective buyers will be disappointed in the home and the seller will have wasted time getting ready and disappearing for the showing. Kevin uses the right lenses for homes and professionally adjusts the photos to be realistic. We will be there when the photos are taken to make sure that the home is staged well.

Floor Plans.

We have professional measurements and a floor plan drawn up of the entire home.  This is included in the online marketing of the home.  This will give potential buyers an opportunity to evaluate if the floor plan works for their family, as there is no point in the seller cleaning and preparing the home if it is not going to work for the buyer.   We find that it also helps after they buy the home they do have to come back to measure the rooms.

Buyer Representation

Today buyers have the same protection that sellers have had for decades. A Buyers Brokerage Contract spells out the responsibilities and obligations of all parties. Now your agent works for you, and because he knows you are committed to him, he can afford to give you the time you need to find the right home. We are happy to sit down and meet with you, by zoom or in person, so you can get a feel as to whether we are the right agents for you.

We Answer Our Own Phones.

When you dial our main number it goes to all of us.  So a licensed realtor is always available to speak to you.  Call 403-207-1776 to speak to us directly.

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