Is California the right state for your LGBTQ rights?

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California is a bastion of liberals and progressives, but is it right for us?. There is a migration starting.  LGBTQIA+ folx are starting to realize that the protections of the US Constitution are not as secure as we would want.  If the 14th Amendment is defeated, which state in the United States would have the best protections for you and your family?  In this series we will look at the 50 states and several nations around the world who want our people to feel welcome and protected.  If you're looking to relocate out of a repressive state and into a better location, contact us at Texas Pride Realty Group.  We will help you find agents who will respect you and your family as well as get you an agent in the place of your choosing to get you into safety.   This movement is already happening.  What is your Plan B?  


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