Realtor who Pays For Health Insurance? Don't forget you SEHI Deduction

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It's tax time, and Real Estate Agents, like all self-employed individuals are looking for deductions to reduce your tax liability.  As you go through the filing process, don't forget to look at whether you qualify for the Health Insurance Deduction for the Self-Employed (SEHI).  

Self-Employed Taxpayers can deduction up to 100% of Health, Dental and Long-Term Care Insurance.  This includes the cost for the Self-Employed Taxpayer, Spouse, Dependents and Non-Dependent children under age 26.  To be eligible, neither the Taxpayer nor Spouse may qualify for an employer subsidized plan.  Eligibility is determined month by month.

If a schedule C filer, it will be reported on Part II of Schedule 1 and will flow to the Form 1040 as an Adjustment of Income.  For S-Corp greater than 2% shareholders, it's a little trickier.  It must be reported as W-2 Income.  The S-Corp gets the deduction and the W-2 shareholder/employee reports the income.  At that point, the employee/shareholder can follow the steps as noted above.  A self employed personal can deduct up to Profit of the business. 

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