Verify The Online Profile of Your Home

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In selling your home for top dollar, one of the easiest things for you to do is an online thing.  You don’t necessarily have to be a computer genius to take care of this either.  The only thing you really have to be able to do is use and read a tape measure!  Quite a challenge, right?


Many of the websites dedicated to real estate have information about your home that needs to be reviewed for verification.  We’re talking about sites like, Trulia, Redfin, Zillow, Movoto, - to name a few.  Some of the information shown on these sites is pretty easy to verify - address, zip code, city, school district, etc.


Information specific to your home is a little less verifiable.  The websites get their numbers from your county assessor, who has a history of your home. The assessor’s records includes year built, bedrooms, bath fixtures, some zoning classification, square footage, and other information.  


The detail that you really want to be concerned with the most is your home’s square footage.  This really could make a big difference in selling your home for top dollar.  The county assessor’s measurement could be from the builder’s original blueprint, which does not reflect any changes made to your home during construction. Their blueprint was one for several homes that were built with that floor-plan.  Sometimes the construction crew made changes that were not known to the county.  Also, there may be non-permitted room additions or changes since original construction that affect your square footage.


You want to know your home’s square footage!


You can check this very simply by starting with a quick measurement of your home.  Most often this is the measurement of the exterior of your home, deducting area used for garages and covered patios.  If you do this, and compare your estimate to what a real estate website shows as your square footage, you can easily tell if the information online is correct. 

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