Amelie Hooper Now A Part Of The Shanna Day Team And PLACE!

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Amelie Hooper Now A Part Of The Shanna Day Team And PLACE

Shanna Day announced this morning that Amelie Hooper has been selected to become a partner of Arizona’s elite realtor team and part of a community of top real estate professionals across North America.

“Amelie has a unique ability to listen and appropriately apply what was heard. She actively listens to clients - helping them find the right fit, not just with a house, but lifestyle. I’ll say too, that not only is she an expert at using real estate to build wealth, she’s just a super great human being and friend to me and to our community.” -Shanna Day

Amelie entered the real estate world after 21 years in ministry and non-profit medical service. Working with clients comes naturally after serving people in a wide variety of seasons - from happy moments to crisis. Having purchased her first home at 19, and navigating the often unclear world of real estate as a consumer, she is excited to serve and help others by making the process a clear and a pleasant experience for her clients. 

She relocated with her husband and two daughters and found that the East Valley was a perfect fit for their lifestyle. When she isn’t working on helping people find their perfect homes, you’ll find her training CrossFit, making gourmet meals for her family and friends, and reading.

Members of Shanna’s team are elite and expert real estate professionals who come together daily to enhance their skill sets in delivering the dream of homeownership everywhere and helping their clients build wealth through owning.

As members, they also qualify to be part of PLACE - an organization with over 60 locations across the United States and Canada, designed to power the top 1% of real estate teams. The operational systems, lead generation, technology platforms, and marketing programs delivered by Place give members of the Shanna Day Team the ability to build stronger relationships within the community and serve clients with greater value. There is now a solution to every aspect of buying and selling real estate, all in one place.

The team’s ancillary services such as Mortgage, and Title & Escrow, further support partners and clients in a seamless transaction and a full-service relationship that extends long after the close of a sale.

Not only does this help consumers, but provides an unlimited earning opportunity to agents through proven Leverage and Opportunity models. Agents can now grow as leaders, build teams, qualify for healthcare and become true partners in business.

“It was important to me to find the team that I fit with; values and personality. I found even more than that with the Shanna Day Team, who offered exceptional support for myself and my clients with world class client and customer experience and transactional experience. I really found my fit with PLACE and the Shanna Day Team.” ~ Amelie Hooper

Shanna Day Team members receive extensive group training and private coaching regarding how to market more effectively both on and offline.  The members are often recognized for their community support and civic involvement. They focus on people over profit, emphasizing relationships are worth more than real estate.

To learn more about Amelie Hooper, visit

Please feel free to contact Amelie at (480) 526-9393 to discover how this high-level professional team can assist you in your next real estate sale or purchase.


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Amelie Hooper Now A Part Of The Shanna Day Team And PLACE

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