Occupied or Vacant - Which is Best?

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This is a very important item for every seller to consider - should you move out prior to trying to sell your home?  Or, can you make it continually showable while you live there?  You need to decide if you can tolerate the constant interruption(s) of showing your home when you’re right in the middle of ANYTHING!  


Often buyers are wanting to look at your home on a moments notice.  They’ve looked at some in your neighborhood that are not quite what they want, and then they discover yours is available at their last minute, so they want to make it your last minute also.  Are you ready?  Can you be ready in 30 minutes?  No, well they don’t have an hour to wait on you, just forget it this time.


Or, you can move out completely or leave enough furniture for staging.  It’s that simple.  Which is best for you?  Have you determined where you will go when you sell?  If you sign a contract to close the sale of your home, close and vacate a certain date; but then don’t have a place to go, so you’re not out on time, you could be in a compromised position with your buyer, not a good thing.


One final comment: before you vacate, please review the arrangements with your homeowner’s insurance agent!  Many insurance policies have a clause of limited or no coverage after the home has been vacant for 30 days.


So, we’re one more step closer to obtaining top dollar for you home when you sell.  Either be out of it or know where you’re going.  Just make it extremely easy to show.

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George Souto
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Bob Marsh my preference is an occupied property.  Vacant homes are very blah to me.

Oct 14, 2022 04:02 PM
Georgie Hunter R(S) 58089
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That's a good point about the homeowner's insurance.

I prefer a vacant house - it's just less complicated and so much easier to show.

Oct 14, 2022 04:19 PM