Professional Quality Photos Only!

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In the world of online marketing, one of the most important things you need in order to sell your home for maximum price, is high quality photos.  You don’t necessarily need to hire a photographer, but at least have some good equipment to use for these photos.


Before placing photos on a website, advertisement, or listing, it’s important to make sure the photos have no dark, hard-to-see, or blurred images.  Most computers have the ability to slightly edit these photos so that the dark is lightened up.


There should be no photos with the portrait orientation.  All of them should be landscape that are properly edited, and sized to fit the space available - not a mixture of portrait and landscape oriented photos,  Someone might say that portrait orientation is better on cellphones. Well, turn the phone sideways where you see more photo anyway.  


These photos are selling your home for top dollar.  It’s important to choose the best scenes - no clothes-closet photos, no open toilet lid shots.  Try not to include photos of homes filled with hoarder’s items. Everything should be in place for the photos.  If it’s not picked up, your sale price will probably reflect that.


It’s important to have a mixture of interior and exterior shots. Putting the photos in walk-through-the-home order makes a lot of sense.  Then before or after these should be some exterior photos.  


You should have no fewer than twelve photos published.  Also, place a descriptive caption on each photo.  These recommendations are the same for every price, age, size and quality of home.


Your photos will command your price.

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