FHA 203H disaster relief loans

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Unfortunately after terrible disasters such as Hurricane Ian, many homeowners come to find their home has been destroyed, is not longer livable, or was so severely damaged that it is not inhabitable.   Fortunately, FHA has an answer that can help. 

Homeowners and Renters who have been displaced by a disaster that has been declared a "presidentially declared disaster area" have an option to purchase a home utilizing the 203H FHA loan with zero money down.  Yes, 100% FHA financing is available for those whose homes have been destroyed in these disasters. 

The new home can be located any where employment supports it, and can even be out of county or in another state.   

Standard FHA Mortgage Insurance applies and closing costs will be normal and customary just like a regular FHA Loan. 

Here is an article with a little more detail on the FHA 203H disaster relief loan.

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