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Are Greater Baton Rouge Home Sales Prices Decreasing?

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Are Greater Baton Rouge Home Sales Prices Decreasing? 
Generally, Yes.  On a median basis, down 1.8%. 

NOTE: The Baton Rouge photo is older from when the Mississippi River was full of water.  Not so much in these days of drought.  The photo was purchased from BigStock many years ago. 

From April 2022 vs October 2022, based on median sales prices of DSF detached single-family home sales, Greater Baton Rouge decreased by 3.7%, East Baton Rouge decreased by 3.6%. Ascension increased by 1.15%, Livingston decreased the most at 6.35% and West Baton Rouge increased by almost 1%.  Yes, I understand there is 1 more day of October sales to report.  I'm answering a question here I've been receiving lately from local REALTORS® asking about home prices. 


Greater Baton Rouge: -3.70%
April $274,500 vs October $260,000

East Baton Rouge: -3.60%
April $280,500 vs October$270,000    

Ascension: +1.15%
April $281,770 vs October $285,000    

Livingston: -6.35%
April $260,000    vs October $243,500

West Baton Rouge: +0.07%
April $262,307 vs October $262,500

By Greater Baton Rouge, I'm including the 4 nearest Parishes of East Baton Rouge, Ascension, Livingston, and West Baton Rouge, not a 10-Parish region. 

Greater Baton Rouge Map

Based on data from the Greater Baton Rouge Association of REALTORS / MLS®

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