Last Minute Home Upgrades to Complete This Fall

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Fall is in full swing, and as winter approaches, many homeowners scramble to complete projects they know will protect their homes.  Unfortunately, if you're new to this rush, you might not know what projects are the best to achieve and which are a waste of time. 

These are the best last-minute home upgrades everyone should complete this fall and why they matter so much.

Add Gutter Guards While You Can

Your gutters are one of the most important tools for your home, stopping water from possibly ruining your foundation, but they can also be devastatingly dangerous if they aren't cleared.  Every fall, millions of people get on their roofs to clear off the leaves, but those that don't will leave themselves open to a terrible time.

 If leaves build up on your roof, it can lead to a huge mound of ice forming, damaging your roof, ruining your energy efficiency, and possibly leading to flooding in the spring.  Adding gutter guards will bypass all that stress and allow you to think about things like picking downspout elbow a vs. b instead.

Make Sure Any Wood Is Protected

If your home has exterior wood, it’s time to paint or seal it.  This can range from spending a weekend painting a log cabin exterior to cleaning and sealing your deck, so it looks fantastic and lasts even longer.  

Any wood on your property needs to be protected, sealed, and covered so that water doesn't settle into it.  In the winter, when water in wood expands, it can cause deep cracks.  These cracks allow in more water, which will freeze and expand until your wood is split or cracking, and you have to replace it. 

Save yourself this trouble, and seal all wood on the outside of your home.

Purchase a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat may be the best purchase anyone can make while getting ready for winter.  Not only will this purchase allow you to more easily keep an eye on the temperature fluctuations within your home, but it'll also give you the chance to change the temperature within your house from anywhere in the world through your phone. 

This is an incredibly smart purchase and upgrade to make before winter and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Add Safety Features Against Ice

Ice is one of the most dangerous parts of winter.  Not only can it damage your property, but if you slip and fall, it can also be hazardous for you.  Items like hog wire deck railing, or heated sidewalks in areas where it snows a lot, can change everything and make people feel more secure as they deal with the cooler months. 

Aerate and Seed Your Grass

One of the most important steps in the fall is getting your grass ready to grow when spring arrives.  To do this, aerating and seeding your grass is a must.  This pushes air deep into your soil, and the fresh seeds allow your lawn to grow back thicker and more luscious.  

This can take an afternoon, but it’s easier to do in the fall before any freeze has set into the ground.  The longer you wait, the more difficult this task will become. 

Pay Attention to Drainage and Water

Flooding can happen to anyone, so it’s a good idea to take steps early to protect your home as much as possible.  Even an inch of flood can severely damage your property, and nobody wants that. 

Instead, take the time to build a lawn that will keep water at bay.  This can look like building in-ground trenches that will guide the water off your property, or it could look like a rain garden!  A rain garden is a collection of native plants that divert the water deep into the soil instead of allowing it to stand above ground.

Consider Your Property’s Insulation

How well insulated is your home?  A well-insulated property can stay warm and comfortable through any weather, while a poorly insulated house will struggle to keep up.  Even if you have faux wood siding, most modern types have some insulation. 

This can amount to a difference in hundreds of dollars for your energy bills in one winter. 

Instead of having to shell out that much, check the insulation in your walls and ceiling.  If you have a crawl space beneath your home, you may need to check if your crawlspace is insulated.  Although many don't do this, keeping your home as temperature controlled as possible is worth it.

Your Property Needs a Good Autumn Makeover!

Fall is a season of transformation, so take this time to turn your home into one that can handle the elements and look awesome while it does.  Follow these update tips, and watch your home thrive in freezing weather!

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