Prepping Property Showings for a Buyer

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There are many ways to prepare showings for a buyer. Today most buyers have already researched the properties they want to see from a common site online. Assuming you have a list of properties and the buyer is prequalified to view what was selected. WARNING: Never take a buyer out unless you have a prequalified buyer and you have spoken to their lender. I know that sounds obvious but still to this day I get agent calls complaining about a buyer that an agent swore was qualified but they had not received their prequal before showing multiple places. Newbies, just don't do it, it is a waste of time and your gas. Back to prep work steps.

First of all you want to setup a list group in the MLS so you can go through the properties and look for anything that would eliminate a property from the list such as, in Phoenix West facing backyards are brutal, a house that is facing the exit road of a subdivision, backs to a busy street or has obvious functional obsolescence. Make sure all features of the home will be suitable to the buyer. It is all about efficiency and matching the buyer with the homes. Print your list after filtering out the undesirables. This will be your basis for determining the most efficient route and scheduling the appointments.

Secondly, call the listing agents and verify the property has not gone under contract and discuss up front what the seller is hoping to get if you send in an offer and what makes their home stand out. Also ask about parking, access, neighborhood, and is the seller willing to make an offer attractive to a buyer. Communication is a key to getting a successful acceptance. Start it early and be professional. 

Thirdly, prepare your route. Use a route planner like Mapquest or RouteXL. Once you have the route planned and printed use a scheduler like Showing Time to schedule the appointments. Give yourself ample time for the showings and extra time in between showings. If you schedule 30 mins for a showing and it only takes 15 mins, this extra time can sometimes come in handy. Once the schedule is completed, take screen shots of the schedule to send to your client. Upload a copy of all your showing information to your back office system like Concourse360.

Lastly, plan ahead. Start early so you can plug the route into your car mapping system so you don't have to fumble with this as you are preparing for the next showing. Create two copies of the route and MLS printouts so the buyer can use one and you have a copy to take notes. Notes are key because when you receive a call from a listing agent, it is always good to give feedback right away. And finally, don't wait until you are on the road to fill your tank up or charge your EV and take enough cards to leave at each home and hand to other buyers that just happen to be picking up a flyer.

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