Expired Listing in Los Angeles Part 4

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Homes do NOT always sell for that they are "worth". Sometimes they Sell For More and Sometimes they Sell For Less.

While that statement may seem like a no brainer, it's imperative you understand this.  Strip away misconceptions, such as the idea that "worth" determines the price of house. Now you are free to examine the real factors at work. Identify those factors and you can leverage them in your favor.

Take Cheryl and Richard for example, they owned townhomes five doors apart. Both put their homes on the market at the same time. The builder has used the same floor plan for all of the townhouses.in their neighborhood., both have the same layourt. At first glance each townhouse seems to hold the same basic appeal for a

You might think they were worth the same amount. Nope Cheryl and Richard sold their homes within one month of each other. These townhomes seem identical but there was a $75,000 difference in sale price.

Cheryl sold her home for 1,575,000

Richard sold his home for $1,500,000

Why a large gap in price? I will share with you what exactly what Cheryl did to get more money on her home.


Homes that don't sell easily aren't always overpriced. Houses don't always sell for what they are "worth".

The selling price of a home is merely the final amount agreed upon by the buyer as seller,

The most skilled sellers use special techniques that can help sell homes faster and for more money.

Five home listings expired in Granada Hills in October 2022, One of them was relisted and is active while the other four remained expired

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