Building a Deck: How Much Money Should You Save?

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A deck is an excellent addition to any home with yard space. You can gather with friends and loved ones, enjoy a good meal and play games while enjoying the fresh air.

The average cost of adding a deck to your home in 2022 Is between $3,600 and $8,400. Many factors go into the cost of building a new deck, including the time of year you choose to develop, who creates it and the materials used.

There are ways to make adding a deck more affordable. Here’s how you can save money when building your deck.

Choosing the Best Materials

A great way to save money on your deck now and in the future is to invest in suitable materials. You want a material that is affordable while staying easy to maintain.

Composite decking gives the appearance of wood but is much more durable. It's also made of recycled materials and can be relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of quality lumber.

Prefabricated wood pieces are another way to save money, cutting down on material costs and labor time. These pieces are made to go together and can save you time and hassle.

Depending on the Right People

Most homeowners should consider finding a professional, which would be a hefty chunk of the budget. Hiring a local contractor will make your deck-building process easier. They know the area and where they can get the best deals. They have access to machinery laypeople don’t, and can take care of steps like transporting lumber and post-job cleanup. Local contractors are also closer to your property, which could increase their availability and save you time.

However, if you have some DIY experience and feel confident in your skills, it never hurts to ask if any friends or family members have skills related to your project and are willing to help you work. The compensation for loved ones tends to be lower than for outside professionals. In fact, some friends want to help with things but are too afraid to ask. You can also see if anyone has spare tools or materials you can borrow or use.

If you do this, then be a good pal — buy dinner and maybe some beer for your friends after your hard work, and let them know they’re appreciated.

Working at the Proper Time

The busiest time of year for contractors is May through September. The weather is warmer and homeowners want to get their exterior projects done.

If you choose to hire a contractor during the fall and winter months, you are most likely to get a good deal from them. Part of this is due to the demand for projects and the cost of materials decreasing when it’s colder outside.

Depending on where you live, you want to choose a month with decent weather, as contractors won’t be able to work on your deck in overly cold or messy conditions. It’s unsafe for them and delays could end with you paying more.

Simplifying the Design

The simpler your deck design is, the less expensive putting it together will likely be. Elaborate curves and patterns take more time and details than a standard rectangular deck.

You can find plans for decks online or consult an architect to design one that works for your home. The size of your deck also plays a large part of your final price — a 20x20-foot deck costs more than double than a 10x10-foot deck.

Taking Advantage of Sales 

Throughout the year, hardware stores offer discounts on tools and materials you can use to complete your deck. You can also take advantage of contractor discounts to purchase bulk materials. Ask your local hardware store about signing up before you finalize your decking plans.

You may need several things to complete the design that you may have yet to think of at first, including tarps, trailers and lifting equipment. Plan ahead to grab the best prices available. 

The Price Tag of Building Your New Deck

You can save hundreds of dollars on your deck by making a plan and taking advantage of the help and deals around you. When you build smart, you can save money for everything you’ll use to enjoy your new outdoor space.

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