The IMPACT Initiative FALL 2022 FINALE

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The IMPACT Initiative Fall 2022 Campaign, “Be Brief, Be Bold and Be Gone!” has been our most successful one so far and we are excited with our 125th and 126th sessions coming up this Thursday, November 17th. 

Start times are:

AGENT SESSION: 8:30 am PST - 10:30 am CST - 11:30 am EST

LEADERSHIP SESSION: 10:30 am PST - 12:30 am CST - 1:30 pm EST

Our agent session is titled:

“SUCCESS… It’s Part of The Plan”

This week we will be featuring our very own, Doug Thompson. Here is a man who knows how to succeed. He is a former number one agent for the entire country with CENTURY 21 Canada. He is a CENTURY 21 of Canada Hall of Fame inductee, he closed more than 100 transactions a year for ten straight years, and he is the co-creator of The IMPACT Initiative with Ralph Williams. Doug will be sharing his secrets on building a successful business plan. If you want 2023 to be your best year ever… don’t miss this session!

Our leadership session is titled:

“When Was the Last Time You Pet a Squirrel?”

This week we will dig into some areas that we think we’re on top of, but truth be told… not so much. We’ll have some fun with a few realities that need some attention

All our sessions are recorded and available on each participant’s personal password- protected site. Also available on this site are the workbook materials.

If you’re ready to move to the next level, reach out to either of us and enroll today!

Ralph Williams

Doug Thompson 

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Thank you for sharing the information. Wishing you continued success.  Have a wonderful day and sell a house.  bill

Nov 15, 2022 11:28 AM