What You Should Be Looking for When Buying a Family Home

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House shopping comes with a lot of pressure, especially if you're looking for a home you hope to start a family in eventually. Although no one house fits all people, there are some general ideas that everyone should look for when they're house hunting. 

These are the top things to keep an eye out for when buying a family home.

An Incredible Location

The location of your property is going to matter a lot. Consider how far it is from your job and other sites you visit frequently. Beyond that, is this house in a school district that will benefit your child? Which school your kid goes to can decide what colleges accept them and how high the quality of their education is. 

You should also consider the neighborhood's amenities, if it has an HOA, and if you want to be part of this association. Most neighborhoods within city limits are part of an HOA, and although they have many rules, studies show they increase the value of properties under their care.

Newer Awesome Roof

A great roof can last over fifty years as long as it's well maintained! How old is the roof on the properties you're looking at? What's it made out of? If you live in the western half of America, you'll want to look for fire-resistant roofing like slate to protect your property better.  

If the current owners don't know how old the roof is, look for signs of aging. This can be discoloration, curling shingles, water stains on ceilings, or missing and broken shingles. If the roof is older or needs replacing, you can ask for this to be removed from the property's price.

Protection Against the Elements

Weather continues to get stranger, so your home must be built to protect your family and loved ones from the elements. How good is the siding? Are the windows and doors sealed? What's the HVAC system like?  

Look for properties that have newer HVAC systems or at least well-maintained ones. Although a smart thermostat is important, if a property has a more current system without a smart thermostat, you can buy one and install it for less than a hundred dollars.

What Type of Utilities are Connected?

Do you prefer gas cooking and heating, or electric? Would you like a septic tank vs sewer for waste removal? Consider what utilities the property has and if these fit the wants or needs of your family. In modern times that includes the internet! Is the ISP a company that offers the speeds and connections you need? If you work from home, could you rely on the internet to stay going strong? This isn't important for everyone, but for those it is, it's vital to consider.

Energy Efficiency

How energy efficient is the property? This includes checking that there's healthy insulation throughout, that windows and doors are sealed, and that whatever appliances come with it are energy efficient. 

This isn't always a deal breaker since, for the right price, you can install these yourself later, but it's a good thing to keep going in the back of your minda.

Safety and Comfort

Do you feel safe at this property? Does it feel like home easily? Ignore the dressing and the seller's furniture, and think about what life would be like there. Would you feel safe walking down the street in the middle of the night? Would you want to use every part of the home? Go for a property that feels comfortable throughout.

Space to Grow Into

Even if you're not planning on having kids, buying a home with more room than you currently need is a good idea. The main reason for this is that we all grow and change through life, and you may find yourself collecting more items or picking up a new hobby, and the space will come in handy. 

Of course, if you plan on having children, a couple of extra bedrooms is a great idea.

A Property Whose Value Will Grow

Look at the tax information for this property over the last twenty to thirty years. Although it's grown, regardless of where it is, it's important to keep an eye on how much. Has this area seen a jump in construction? Is there a boost in interest from people?  

Even if you don't plan on selling this home until you retire, you must pick a property that will add value as time goes by. This will protect your investment and ensure you get back what you deserve.

A Family Home is an Incredible Investment

Whether buying this home to start a family or buying it as an investment that you can flip, it's vital to consider all of the items on this list. You can only buy your first house once, so buy a great property!

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