Re-thinking breast cancer treatments

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Breast cancer treatment has come a long way in the last few decades. We've learned that radiation and chemotherapy work in some cases, but there are better alternatives for others. Researchers are now exploring other ways to treat cancer using technology that hasn't been used on humans or animals.


Injecting heat to kill cancer cells

Heat therapy is an experimental option for breast cancer that uses a laser to deliver heat directly to the tumor. Heat therapy aims to kill cancer cells and reduce their growth. It’s still in its early stages, but researchers believe it could effectively treat breast cancer.


Changing the timing of treatments

The timing of your treatment can differ for each person, depending on the type of cancer and stage. For example, you may need to start treatment sooner if your tumor is spreading or larger than it was originally when it was first discovered to give yourself enough time before any symptoms develop. Suppose a patient has a recurrence after being treated for breast cancer with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and/or hormone therapy (which can cause side effects such as fatigue). In that case, doctors will often recommend another chemo round, surgery, and/or radiation therapy to kill the remaining tumors.


Bypassing the immune system barriers

The immune system's defense against cancer is an elaborate system of barriers that prevent the body from being overwhelmed by foreign invaders. If these barriers break down, it can allow cancer cells to grow unchecked.

Some cancers have evolved to evade these defenses and are, therefore, able to establish themselves in the body without being detected or destroyed by your immune system. This poses a major challenge for doctors who need therapies that target cancer's unique vulnerabilities—how they evade the body's defenses—to treat them effectively.


Experts are working on new ways to treat cancer.

The field of cancer treatment is constantly evolving, and it's important to keep up with the latest advances. Patients diagnosed with breast cancer today will likely live longer than people in previous generations. That's why doctors and scientists need to take advantage of new methods for treating breast cancer that may help you live longer and better.

There are many different treatments available today, one of which is the consideration of RAD 140. It is under investigation currently as a potential treatment for breast cancer. 



Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. It’s also a disease that can be difficult to treat because it’s often hard to predict when patients will get sick. While traditional treatment options have been successful for some patients, others have failed and died as a result. For example, chemotherapy drugs target specific types of cells within tumors but don’t kill them all off; this means some cells remain alive even after treatment has begun. Researchers around the world are working on new ways to treat this deadly disease without resorting back to old methods such as surgery or radiation therapy—ones that may not work as well anymore due to changes in technology over time (like how much radiation exposure can cause problems later down the road).

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Hi Stephen- it's hard for someone to decide what to do if given the diagnosis of breast cancer. My good friend had her cancer removed but opted not to have chemo or radiation. 

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