This week's News Letter: Now&Later, Rates and Inflation

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Now & Later

I’m sure you’ve heard variations on the theme: Marry the house, date the mortgage…. Well, we have a Program for that - Our Now & Later program (not the candy!!). When your clients buy and finance a home with me and close by April 1, 2023 we will give them a $1,500 coupon towards their future refinance. Here’s the details: 

  • Buyer buys a home and closes their mortgage with Homebridge by 4/1/23
  • Pays their mortgage on time, every time for at least 7 months.
  • Buyer then submits a refinance with me/Homebridge by 12/31/24 (a two year window)
  • We pay $1500 towards there refinance closing costs
    • This applies to FNMA, FHLMC, VA, FHA and USDA, not for Bonds or Simple Access programs.

Buy the house, begin building equity and refinance it when rates drop. 

The markets feel we will see interest rates low enough in the next year or so that most buyers this year will have an opportunity to refinance in the next year or so – That is one of the reasons The rate movements have been so unpredictable and why points have become so common- even the secondary market feels we will see rates lower in the near term.

Rates, Inflation, etc… Rates have settled down off their peak a few weeks ago as it appears that the Fed moves have begun to slow inflation and recent comments with Chairman Powell have the markets pricing in a 50BP move at this month’s meeting rather than 75. Even last weeks employment report was softer than expected once you dig into the number, and that is a big piece of the inflation picture the Fed has continued to mention.  One other thing to consider is Money Supply. Inflation is caused by too many dollars chasing trying to buy too few items. In 2020 Money supply surged 25% and we didn’t have enough “stuff” to buy- text book inflation is caused by supply and demand.  This year Money Supply is down 1.5% which will make this the first time money supply has fallen in over 60yrs. In English- Less Dollars with an improving supply chain will help control inflation at the consumer level. 

Housing is a different story- The supply is still lower than the need which makes housing a good investment even with higher rates. All of this is leading to a prediction of rates back in the 5’s in 2023. The consensus for 2023 is we will see housing prices increase 4% in 2023.

Wine? I have not had a Wine Piece in my last few posts: Do you miss it? You can see some of my Wine Cellar progress on Instagram: @RobRauf  I rarely post anything “work” there, that is just my personal fun. If you miss the wine tips etc, let me know and I’ll bring them back. 

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