It`s 10:00PM do you know where your closing is?

Real Estate Agent with Optimar International Realty

Hurricane Ernesto has made my life a little crazy. Early yesterday morning the Lender for a transaction we`re involved in told us "We`re ready to close now!", actual Closing was set for Wednesday.

They explain they have to close because of the Lock that the Buyer has on interest rates. Well, we start scrambling around I call the Seller, he tells me he`s ready and can come in after 5:00pm today. "No Problem" the attorney will be around we`re expecting the package to arrive by 3:00-4:00PM.


I call the Buyer, I proceed to tell the Buyers the Good News and I`m caught with a horrid tale of Woe! "We can`t close until 9:00PM" they respond. 

We`re very busy and my husband wants to get things done before Ernesto arrives! That`s nice am thinking, but "Hello" today is the day1

The Bank is closing and we need to MOVE!  After going back and forth for the next 3 hours the Title Company tells me that they`ll do us a favor and send a Closer back to our office at 9:00PM...

I call the Buyer, explain the circumstances and can they arrive by 9:00pm?!. They wife tells me OK, as if she`s doing us the favor, I hang up and keep asking myself "Is it a Full Moon, or is it Me"!. I decide it must be a Full Moon.

Well, 9:00PM approaches, they Buyers aren`t at our office. I`m TICKED OFF beyond belief, I place a call to the BUYERS, she tells me "Oh, we`re just finishing Dinner,we`ll be leaving now".

Most people don`t understand what we term "Spanish Time", quite simply it means that 9:00PM in English means 9:00PM, in Spanish it means 10:00PM.

Finally an hour late, the Buyer arrives as if Nothing happened. They sign, leave and act like it`s all in a Day`s work!!!

I always tell new Realtors that come in this business, that you have to have "THICK SKIN"... This was one of the examples of enjoying what you`re doing!

Thankfully, with schools closed today, and the Storm approaching, I`m taking the DAY OFF!   

Comments (3)

Omar Camejo
Florida List For Less Realty,Inc. - Ocala, FL
How is it possible that people never realize the Back breaking things we do for them?
Aug 28, 2006 10:47 PM
David Eiglarsh
RE/MAX Concierge - Weston, FL
CRS, CDPE, Serving South Florida
Unbelievable! I couldn't ever imagine closing at that hour! Actually, I couldn't imagine closing after 6:30pm. I'd have a chat with that lender!
Aug 28, 2006 10:57 PM
William Seufert
Florida List For Less Realty, Inc. - Pembroke Pines, FL


Look at it this way, you did these people a great service, regardless if they realize it or not!

Aug 28, 2006 11:18 PM