Best IDX Plugin: 3 Questions to Help You Find the Perfect One

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Choosing the best IDX plugin for your website doesn't have to be a hassle, but it should be a thoughtful choice that makes your life easier as a real estate agent. With so many different options out there, it can be tough to figure out which features are most important, so today we've broken down 3 things to consider before choosing an IDX plugin for your real estate website.

1. Cost

Yes, let's talk about price! Cost is generally the first consideration for real estate agents looking for plugins to match their budgets. IDX solutions are designed to give more value to an agent’s business, and one way they do that is to reduce marketing costs by providing premium features. These premium-function solutions have been out of reach for most agents but are now available at prices that any budget-conscious agent can afford, offering features that can help you save money on third-party marketing services.

Buying Buddy is one of the most affordable IDX plugins with a built-in real estate CRM on the market. Not only can you expect premium features from this solution, but it will also help you save money on other third-party marketing services by giving you the ability to control your marketing, right from the dashboard.


2. Website Integration

The best IDX plugin that you can find for your real estate business is one that seamlessly integrates with your real estate website with little or no effort. Not all IDX plugins are created equally, and not all plugins will provide that seamless integration with the website platform that you’ve built your site upon, whether that's Squarespace, WordPress, or any of the other popular options out there.

Many IDX solutions claim to "integrate" with your website, but they will use iFrames or subdomains. This type of setup can look unsightly, especially on mobile devices. iFrames provide limited functionality in a box. If you’re using subdomain solutions, you are probably not in control of these pages or content.
Try to find an IDX plugin that has frameless and edgeless integration into your real estate website for a more polished and professional look, as well as offerings of more advanced features, like CRM integration.

3. CRM Features

The best IDX plugins for 2023 should include CRM integration. Integrating IDX with CRM allows agents to open a Swiss army knife of real estate marketing and lead nurture capabilities that go right to the heart of what leads are looking for.

When CRM functionality is combined with IDX, lead follow-up is much more effective. Real estate IDX plugins with CRM offer the capability to nurture leads in the context of their property interests. This means your marketing can be based upon a lead’s home search history, allowing you to send them emails and other marketing materials that they actually look forward to receiving.

Before spending money on third-party CRM plugins or solutions, take a look at your options for an IDX plugin with a built-in real estate CRM solution.

Find the Best IDX Plugin for Your Real Estate Business

Finding the best IDX plugin for your real estate website doesn't need to be a hassle, especially if you've done your research beforehand about cost, website integration, and feature availability.

If you're on the hunt for a real estate IDX plugin with CRM that won't break the bank, check out our website for more information about Buying Buddy.

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Hello Paul Eastwood these are very good questions that will help you find the best IDX plugin.

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