Does Saving Electric Cost You Money?

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With the increase of technology there are endless choices of smart thermostats out there.  With the intent of saving on electric costs vacation rental owners as well as hotels have installed a variety of different thermostat types.  They range from thermostats that can be adjusted remotely to thermostats that will shut off the air if there is no movement in the room.   While that may save on electric cost, the question is does it cost you more in guest satisfaction?

In the last year, I have stayed in 5 different hotels.  All each having a different thermostat with a different limitation.  

The thermostat found in most Hyatt hotels will shut the air conditioner off after a period of time of no movement.  This causes the room temperature to fluctuate throughout the night making it hard to sleep.

The thermostat found in many Castle Resort vacation rentals has a limitation of 72 to 74 degrees so guests can not turn the air conditioner less than that amount.  

Many cruise lines are moving to thermostats that just go to cold, colder, and coldest.  The temperatures for each of those is set by the cruise line so coldest could very well be 76 degrees.  Many of those thermostats have a fast cool button, which will allow you to run the AC for 15 minutes straight, but then it reverts to the other setting.  

While this may save some money on electric one of the best things hotels and vacation rentals can offer guests is a comfortable place to stay and sleep.  With these features this seems to be an increasing challenge for guests at both vacation rentals and hotels.

Have you have a similar experience?

At Waikoloa Vacation Rentals we have installed several smart thermostats at almost all of our vacation rentals, but they do not have any limitation to the guests.

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