What is the first step in selling my home?

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If you're ready to sell your home, the first and most important step is to understand the current state of the real estate market in your area. This will give you a sense of what you can realistically expect to receive for your home and help you determine the best asking price. To get a handle on the market, you should research recent home sales in your neighborhood and see what similar homes are currently listed for. This information can be found online or through a real estate agent.

Once you have a good idea of the value of your home, it's time to decide how you want to sell it. There are a few different options to consider, each with its own pros and cons.

If you're comfortable handling the sale yourself, you can list your home on sites like Zillow or Redfin and handle all the negotiations and paperwork yourself. This can be a cost-effective option, as you won't have to pay a commission fee to a real estate agent. However, selling a home is a lot of work, and it can be stressful if you're not familiar with the process. You'll need to be prepared to handle all the details yourself, including marketing your home, showing it to potential buyers, and negotiating offers.

If you prefer to have some professional help with the sale of your home, you can work with a real estate agent. An agent can handle all the details of the sale, including marketing your home, negotiating with buyers, and handling the paperwork. You'll need to pay a commission fee, which is typically a percentage of the sale price, but an agent can often help you get a higher price for your home. Working with an agent can also be less stressful, as you'll have someone to guide you through the process and take care of the details for you.

If you need to sell your home quickly and don't want to go through the traditional process of listing it on the market, you might consider selling to a cash buyer. These buyers are often investors who are willing to purchase homes "as is" and can close on a sale relatively quickly. The downside is that you may not get as much for your home as you would if you sold it on the open market. However, if you're in a hurry to sell or have a home that needs significant repairs, this can be a good option.

Regardless of which option you choose, it's important to do your research and make a plan before you start the process of selling your home. With a clear understanding of the market and a solid strategy in place, you can maximize your chances of success and make the most of your home sale.


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Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Chicago, IL
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Good morning Sam. Have a plan to have your home ready. Fix minor imperfections and have professionals tackle any major ones. Make it easy for a buyer, Can't do that, choose another option like an "as is" buyer. Enjoy your day.

Dec 29, 2022 05:54 AM
Sam Thomas

Thank you Wayne!

Dec 29, 2022 06:49 AM
Bill Salvatore - East Valley
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Some wonderful information. Sellers would be happy to have you represent them. Have a great Thursday, enjoy the Holiday weekend.


Happy New Year. 


Dec 29, 2022 07:27 AM
Sam Thomas

Thank you Bill! Happy New Year!

Dec 30, 2022 07:40 AM