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* Lake Charles #Louisiana - $300,000 - BUYER 
* Casselberry #Florida - $415,000 - Seller 
* Pocatello #Idaho- $780,000 - Seller 
* Pebble Beach #California - $1,895,000 - Seller 
* Winter Haven #Florida - $468,000 - Seller 
* Tenerife #Spain - $925,000 - BUYER 

Since there are no Preferred REALTORS for these cities they are now open to qualified REALTORS (this will be posted on other groups)

We only want motivated Real Estate Agents who will follow-up on these referrals right away - comments are turned off - private message me for details

This is being posted on 4 Real Estate Groups so time is of the essence.

~ Remember that Preferred REALTORS do not have to be the first one to get leads or referrals because all of their leads and referrals go straight to their website or email - it's the no hassle way to get referrals!

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