YouTube Shorts have Increased Watch Time & Subscribers

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In a previous post, We are Starting to create YouTube Shorts, I shared that the team,, will be expanding into YouTube Shorts that are one minute or less and today I want to follow up and share the channel's improvements.

The first video was published November 15, 2022 and was a introduction to the Team and topics we'll cover. Pretty simple video and it received 38 views, no comments and no thumbs-up.

Since then, 23 videos have been published on the residential purchase and sale, home maintenance, scenery as filler content, preparing a house for sale, and financing and the first set of numbers are in for review.

YouTube Shorts over the Previous 90 Days

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View all the shorts here:

These statistics are great for us since our channel has experienced little to no growth since its inception.

What types of Content are Performing the Best?

Reviewing the below chart, the scenery videos do well in views and impressions yet overall topics that are focused on the residential purchase are consistently out performing other topics.

Breakdown by Traffic Source

The Shorts feed is by far the top performer yet Search and Channel Pages are sources of interest. I'm looking for Search and Channel Pages to increase yet we'll see if the content produced continues to be of value and worth watching.

Moving Forward through 2023

In an another yet related post, Follow me on TikTok, Kat Palmiotti's comment was:

I'm hesitant to start on yet another platform but I took a look at some of your videos and can see why it might be a good idea. And I totally get what you mean about having to do multiple attempts at making videos. It looks easy but it's not always!

I couldn't agree more that including an additional network to connect, grow an audience, and spend time on is difficult. However, the same video published as a YouTube Short is uploaded to Facebook & Instagram Reels as well as TikTok. One video for 4 platforms is good ROI in my opinion.

Why do upload the same video to 4 different platforms?

Saves time, the video reaches a different audience, and mainly that Facebook & Instagram are not indexed as fast for me as YouTube and TikTok is not indexed at all by Google - Shorts is YouTube's answer to TikTok. Each platform is a different audience

That all said, I will continue to create Shorts covering the purchase and sale contract, tips for sellers and buyers in this current market place, and how homeowners can do simple and quick maintenance items to protect that investment and keep a good roof over the head. Unless, I catch the creative bug and branch out.

Now, I'd Like to Hear from You

Are you, or will you be, including YouTube Shorts in your 2023 marketing plan? If you are, share with us how/topics/methods you're using, or if you're going to and/or if you don't know where to start, we'd be happy to help and get you going. Thank you for tuning into today's blog and hope its help. I'm off to make today's short.

Comments (5)

Steffy Hristova
HomeSmart Elite Group Tempe AZ Tel: 602.710.8161 - Tempe, AZ
Tempe AZ Realtor - Your Home Close to Your Work!

Tony, I watched your YouTube shorts and I think this is a good idea. I have been posting longer videos on the market trends once a month. I will start doing shorts this year most likely.

Jan 10, 2023 01:09 PM
Toby Barnett

We too make long form content, and will continue, yet these shorts are amazing for some traffic. Not sure they'll translate into business.

Jan 10, 2023 02:03 PM
Nick Vandekar, 610-203-4543
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc 610-225-7400 - Devon, PA
Selling the Main Line & Chester County

How long can a short be or is required to be? I have in the past generally tried to keep my videos shorter, but listing videos tend to be longer and interviews as well.

Jan 10, 2023 01:19 PM
Toby Barnett

Shorts have to be 1 minute or less which poses a unique challenge. It typically takes me 10-15 takes to not stumble or have a brain freeze.

Jan 10, 2023 02:04 PM
Kat Palmiotti
406-270-3667,, Broker/REALTOR® - Kalispell, MT
Helping your Montana dreams take root

Thanks for the inclusion of my comment! Honestly, I'd much rather watch a video that is a minute or less than one that is 4-5 minutes!

Jan 11, 2023 03:37 AM
Toby Barnett

You're welcome, Kat. The one minute videos do seem to be a trend worth catching on too yet they're harder than you think to make with no editing. Yesterday's short was made the in the first try but then the mic wasn't connected. It took another 12 attempts to make the video yet that was about 12 minutes at most so there is that.

Jan 11, 2023 07:40 AM
Toby Barnett
KW North Sound - Marysville, WA
Toby Barnett

Received a YouTube message regarding last month's stats. Not to bad for some video work.

Jan 11, 2023 11:17 AM
Mickie Barnett
KW Northwest - Marysville, WA
Over 30 years of local expertise to share.

Great job, Tob. The videos are great and it really seems we're seeing an uptick in business.

Jan 12, 2023 11:21 AM
Toby Barnett

Thank you. Have to stay productive and keep the advertising machine running at full steam.

Jan 12, 2023 11:26 AM