Wisconsin Woodland Report January 2023 Marathon County; Hunting, Timber, Investments! Market Snapshot

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Wisconsin Forestland ReportThe Wisconsin Woodland Report January 2023 Marathon County; Hunting, Timber, Investments!  Market Snapshot for 20+ Acre Properties





Available Properties Report

Price Total Acres $/Acre Original MLS # Status Municipality County
$64,900 40 $1,623 22205281 Active Weston Marathon
$98,000 22.8 $4,298 22230009 Active Cassel Marathon
$160,000 39 $4,103 22205941 Active Marathon Marathon
$192,000 40 $4,800 22202135 Active-W/Offer Elderon Marathon
$194,500 21.87 $8,893 21810980 Active Marshfield Marathon
$200,000 40 $5,000 1570128 Active Knowlton Marathon
$231,250 44.75 $5,168 22204395 Active Hamburg Marathon
$240,000 48.45 $4,954 22203138 Active-W/Offer Halsey Marathon
$249,000 23.33 $10,673 1605995 Active Maine Marathon
$285,000 23.92 $11,915 1606000 Active Maine Marathon
$299,900 24.88 $12,054 22203865 Active Rothschild Marathon
$333,400 33.34 $10,000 50266283 Active Franzen Marathon
$375,000 35.58 $10,540 22102798 Active-W/Offer Kronenwetter Marathon
$390,000 78.15 $4,990 22205762 Active Kronenwetter Marathon
$410,000 105.78 $3,876 22205223 Active Mosinee Marathon
$590,000 155 $3,806 50269660 Active Bevent Marathon
$650,000 80 $8,125 22104480 Active Hatley Marathon
$990,000 53.34 $18,560 1806565 Active Rothschild Marathon
$1,036,310 56 $18,506 1800437 Active Rothschild Marathon
$1,950,000 80.52 $24,218 22101951 Active Marshfield Marathon
$1,999,000 170.59 $11,718 1306767 Active Kronenwetter Marathon
$2,126,520 36.32 $58,550 903556 Active Weston Marathon
$2,200,000 226.79 $9,701 22201053 Active Weston Marathon
     $    8,893 Median Price / Acre      
$15,264,780         1,480  $  10,311 Average Price / Acre      



Current Listings for Marathon County Wisconsin







Marathon County Wisconsin; Quality Forestland & Wildlife  whitetail deer

Marathon County is the home of some very high quality forestland along with one of the largest cities in central Wisconsin.

  Our clients at Woodland Management Service own a fair amount of forest land in this county and they are quite happy with the bountiful wildlife here.

 hardwood forestMarathon County is home to more than 450 thousand acres of forest land, most of which is private land with the remaining 64 thousand acres being primarily on the County Forest.

  Most of this forest land is High quality Northern Hardwoods and Red Oak with over 160 thousand acres of Northern Hardwoods and 90 thousand acres of Oak.  There are also 60 thousand acres of Aspen which along with the oak make for some great wildlife habitat.nick cruising timber

These forests are not only good for producing income for our clients but also great habitat for high quality Deer, Grouse, Turkeys, Bears, and more.


If you are interested in purchasing land or Selling land in Marathon County click the link or give me a call.

If you own some forest land and would like to learn more about how to improve this land, give Woodland Management Service a call and our Foresters and Wildlife Specialists will help you to accomplish your goals.







Forestland; Hunting, Timber, Investments!Forestland Experts

When looking to Buy, Sell or Invest in Forestland anywhere in Wisconsin, there is only one place to call.

When you need an Expert in all facets of Timberland, Hunting Land, and Investment Properties; Call on the Forestland Experts at Woodland Management Service and Woodland Real Estate.

The experts at Woodland Real Estate and Woodland Management Service have over 30 years of experience in working with huntingland, timberland investments throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

When you are ready to get serious about your forestland investments, call on the experts at the Woodland Companies!


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